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  • November 16, 2017
  • 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
  • 25-40.00
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Event Description

Cost: $25 per person, $40 per couple I know the Holidays can be an overwhelming time. -Annoying family members -Guilt trips -Events on every day off for 2 months straight -Pressure to spend more than you can afford Whatever it is the bothers you around the holidays, I get it. Been there, done that. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I can show you tools that will literally remove all of those triggers, fears worries and beliefs that make the Holidays less than joyful. AND you can then use these tools on your own at home to deal with anything else that pops up along the way. Think of it as emotionally arming yourself for the holiday season. I’m April, an Emotional Health Consultant. What the heck is that, you ask? Well, I’m not a therapist, though I sometimes serve a similar purpose for people. I’m not a traditional hypnotherapist either, though I often serve that purpose for people. My job is to find out what life has thrown your way and to give you the tools to undo the damage. I facilitate your improved emotional health. I don’t want you dependent on me forever. We work together until you’re ready to go it alone, armed with the tools that will help you emotionally survive anything life can throw your way.