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Teacher: Erica Thibault Cost: $10 The planet is in the process of ascending and each of us is in the process of awakening into higher levels of consciousness or awareness. We are all in different chapters in this awakening process. Some of us are aware that the process is going on and others are unaware of it. For those of us who are aware of our individual awakening, we are in the midst of a period of extreme healing within. Our negative thoughts, experiences and feelings are being brought to the surface, sometimes by extreme catalysts, in order to propel us more rapidly to higher and higher states of healing and awareness. This is not a punishment but a gift. We have this amazing opportunity to develop our intuition, heal ourselves deeply, and become more aware of ourselves, others and the universe as a whole. We are stepping into our power and fulfilling our divine purpose on how to help heal ourselves, others and the world as a whole. During this awakening process we go through amazing periods of euphoria and ultimately develop a much more loving and peaceful being. In the process of opening up our heart more, we have the ability to love ourselves and others more fully. This opens us up to the full scale ability to encompass grace and joy. As fruitful as this process is, there are many stages of it that can feel very painful and fear based, as we are shedding our old conditioned attitudes, beliefs and feelings. I have been through the ups and downs of this process and I know how it feels. I am now able to use this experience and knowledge to help make this transition period easier for those going through it. If you feel as though you could benefit from a group that gets together to talk about their experiences and support each other, then this class is for you. I would be truly honored to help you on your journey. I am also an intuitive so in addition to overall guidance on ascension, at times, I will provide you with intuitive guidance on your specific circumstances. I will help you always remember to trust the journey. However, the class will be run in a manner where you will all helping to share and support each other. It will not be merely myself that is providing guidance and support. You will all provide this guidance and support to each other as well because everyone has important and valuable insight and experiences to contribute. The class will then develop a deeper level of unity and cohesiveness as a whole.