Web http://nhpr.org en 6.02.14: Ghost Towns http://nhpr.org/post/60214-ghost-towns <p>From the dusty towns of the old west, to the empty mills of the east, there’s just something about abandoned places and the stories they leave behind. Today’s Word of Mouth is all about ghost towns, from neglected Olympic villages to forgotten websites. Plus, the story of a couple who transformed an abandoned underground missile base into their home-sweet-home…complete with an overhead front door.</p><p>Listen to the full show and click <strong>Read more </strong>for individual segments.</p><p> Mon, 02 Jun 2014 17:33:36 +0000 Word of Mouth 49458 at http://nhpr.org 6.02.14: Ghost Towns Brady's Top 10 Web Trends Of 2013 http://nhpr.org/post/bradys-top-10-web-trends-2013 <p>New Year’s Eve is a day of reflection and celebration and each December we mark the passage of time by inviting NHPR’s own Brady Carlson on the show to share his list of the year’s biggest web trends. <a href="http://nhpr.org/post/bradys-top-10-web-trends-2012">Last year his list included: Kony 2012, Kickstarter, and Gangnam Style</a>. Seems so long ago, doesn’t it? Brady joins us again to reflect on the web trends and memes of 2013, and what they reveal about our collective state this year. Tue, 31 Dec 2013 18:21:15 +0000 Virginia Prescott & Brady Carlson 41012 at http://nhpr.org Brady's Top 10 Web Trends Of 2013 Mourning a Loved One Via the Internet http://nhpr.org/post/mourning-loved-one-internet <p>The funeral industry is embracing the digital age. Funeral homes are beefing up their websites and social media to include tributes and photographs of the departed. Wed, 05 Dec 2012 17:16:00 +0000 Alison Kuzmickas 17943 at http://nhpr.org Mourning a Loved One Via the Internet Here's What's Awesome! http://nhpr.org/post/heres-whats-awesome-9 <p><span>1)<span style='font: 7pt/normal "Times New Roman"; font-size-adjust: none; font-stretch: normal;'> </span></span><a href="http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/406880-seems-legit-sounds-legit">Replacement ref revolution!</a>&nbsp;and <a href="http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/8407097/referee-armageddon">Replacement ref Armageddon!</a></p><p><span>&nbsp;</span><span>2)Protests – How they play out&nbsp;in web culture:</span></p><p><span>·<a href="http://mashable.com/2012/09/23/us-ambassador-susan-rice/">US Ambassador Susan Rice: Twitter crucial to her mission </a></span></p> Wed, 26 Sep 2012 13:53:17 +0000 Brady Carlson 13629 at http://nhpr.org Here's What's Awesome! The Coolest Police Website Ever http://nhpr.org/post/coolest-police-website-ever <p>Anyone who’s been online looking for&nbsp;DMV hours, or tried to download a&nbsp;fishing license application knows that government websites are rarely a good time.&nbsp; No frills, no eye for design – just a lot of dense, complicated information and a wealth of webified bureaucracy.&nbsp; So, imagine our surprise when we saw posts on&nbsp;<a href="http://www.adweek.com/">AdWeek</a> and <a href="http://www.adage.com">Ad Age</a>&nbsp;praising the beauty and functionality of the<a href="http://www.milwaukeepolicenews.com/#menu=stats-page"> Milwaukee Police Department website</a>.&nbsp; The sit Tue, 18 Sep 2012 13:58:07 +0000 Virginia Prescott 13105 at http://nhpr.org The Coolest Police Website Ever To Read All Those Web Privacy Policies, Just Take A Month Off Work http://nhpr.org/post/read-all-those-web-privacy-policies-just-take-month-work Internet surfers have long worried that they have insufficient control over their online privacy — despite the privacy policies many people agree to when they visit websites or use online services.<p>There are data to support the surfers' feelings: Online privacy policies are so cumbersome and onerous that it would take the average person about 250 working hours every year — about 30 full working days — to actually read the privacy policies of the websites they visit in a year, according to an <a href="http://lorrie.cranor.org/pubs/readingPolicyCost-authorDraft.pdf">analysis</a> by researchers Thu, 19 Apr 2012 09:08:00 +0000 Shankar Vedantam 3226 at http://nhpr.org To Read All Those Web Privacy Policies, Just Take A Month Off Work