Jewish en Fans Flock To Laconia Jewish Food Festival <p>NASCAR may have drawn the biggest crowds in central NH last weekend, but it was far from the only event to attract hardcore fans. The social hall at Laconia's Temple B'nai Israel was packed on Sunday, with people and with food.</p><p>“I have matzo ball soup in chicken broth,” says Lynn Goodnough. “We have sweet and sour cabbage soup, and we have borscht, a cold beet soup served with sour cream.”</p><p>“We've got pastrami over here, tongue over there, and corned beef over there,” her son, Jordan, adds. “The brisket actually sold out in online pre-orders already.”</p> Tue, 16 Jul 2013 20:02:57 +0000 Michael Samuels 31415 at Fans Flock To Laconia Jewish Food Festival Traveling Auschwitz-Birkenau Exhibit Stops In N.H. <p>A <a href="" target="_blank">new exhibit</a> that takes a closer look at what happened at a notorious Nazi death camp opened at the <a href="" target="_blank">New Hampshire State Library</a> today.</p><p>The exhibit, which is traveling the country on loan from Poland’s <a href="" target="_blank">Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum</a>, includes a set of 31 posters featuring photos of the horrific conditions at the death camp.&nbsp;</p> Mon, 04 Mar 2013 22:16:42 +0000 Amanda Loder 23049 at Traveling Auschwitz-Birkenau Exhibit Stops In N.H. Shunned (Working Title) <p>A reality show in development looks at the lives of ex- Ultra-Orthodox Jews in mainstream society.</p> Wed, 25 Apr 2012 15:17:58 +0000 Virginia Prescott 3564 at Shunned (Working Title)