Convention en The American Hobo <p></p><p>There’s something keenly American about riding the rails. We meet kind-hearted hoboes in Steinbeck’s “The Grapes of Wrath,” hear the restless spirit in Woody Guthrie songs and cheer on Chaplin’s little tramp striking out for the Yukon.</p> Tue, 07 Jan 2014 16:42:59 +0000 Virginia Prescott 15976 at The American Hobo The Supercali-Weird World Of Disney Superfans <p></p><p>You don’t have to be a geek to know about the San Diego <a href="">Comic Con</a>, the annual convention that attracts celebrities, industry big-wigs, and fanboys and girls dressed as their favorite comic book superhero or villain.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>In Annaheim, California this August, thousands of costumed super-fans descended on another massive expo… some decked out as superheroes, but more princesses, pirates, mermaids and mice.</p><p>The <a href="">D23</a> Expo is a bi-annual celebration of all things Disney.&nbsp; <strong>Jordan Zakarin</strong> is Entertainment Reporter for <a href="">Buzzfeed</a>, where we found <a href="">his exploration </a>of the peculiar brand of obsession that sets Disney super-fans apart.&nbsp;</p><p> Wed, 04 Sep 2013 12:56:11 +0000 Virginia Prescott 34332 at The Supercali-Weird World Of Disney Superfans Word of Mouth At PAX 2013 <p></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">The sheer volume of humanity packed into the Boston Convention Center doesn't really hit you until you're in and amongst the crowd. Everyone from game developers to Pokemon trainers and Final Fantasy </span>cosplayers<span style="line-height: 1.5;"> are here in force, mingling and chatting in lobbies and food courts. They've made the pilgrimage to the Penny Arcade Expo to celebrate gaming in all of its forms.</span></p> Fri, 22 Mar 2013 22:07:48 +0000 Jonathan Lynch 24193 at Word of Mouth At PAX 2013 A Comicon for the Rest of Us <p>Do you enjoy the sights and sounds of a comic convention, but loath the overcrowding and endless lines? Then the Coast City Comicon in Portland, Maine is the place for you.</p> Wed, 09 May 2012 17:50:07 +0000 Virginia Prescott 4483 at A Comicon for the Rest of Us