Music Interviews en Marissa Nadler <p>The Boston Globe describes <a href="">Marissa </a><a href="">Nadler</a>'s&nbsp; voice as “an intoxicating soprano drenched in gauzy reverb that hits bell-clear heights, lingers, and tapers off like rings of smoke."</p><p>On Sunday, March 9th, Marissa Nadler will be performing at the <a href="">Portsmouth Book and Bar</a>. Producer Zach Nugent spoke with Marissa and asked why her new album is called July, when her music is often described as dark, sparse, and even frosty.</p><p> Thu, 06 Mar 2014 17:37:24 +0000 Zach Nugent 44638 at Marissa Nadler Blank On Blank: Janis Joplin On Rejection <p></p><p>Four days before she died, on September 30, 1970,<a href="" target="_blank"> Janis Joplin was interviewed about rejection by <strong>Howard Smith.</strong></a> <a href="" target="_blank">Blank on Blank</a> remixed and animated the interview. In context, it is both sad and enlightening about Joplin's life and views. Her unapologetic attitude toward critics is both admirable and unsettling. Unsettling because of the amount of criticism she faced and that, like anyone who faces rejection, "in my insides, it really hurts if someone doesn’t like me."</p><p> Wed, 26 Feb 2014 19:59:42 +0000 Sarah Thomas 44184 at Blank On Blank: Janis Joplin On Rejection David Lockwood, Live From Studio D <p><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="//" width="560"></iframe></p><p>Inspired by the <a href="">Modern Love section of the Sunday New York Times</a>,&nbsp; each song on <a href="">David Lockwood&#39;s</a> new album is based on a deeply personal essay about love and relationships<strong>. </strong>David visited NHPR&rsquo;s Studio D to play a few of his new tunes, and talk about the stories behind &ldquo;Modern Love&rdquo;. You can check out the essays that inspired the songs David played for NHPR here: <a href=";_r=0">Love Like This</a>, <a href="">Come Back Here</a>, and <a href="">Gone</a> Tue, 01 Oct 2013 15:42:40 +0000 Zach Nugent 31106 at Debo Band Comes To New Hampshire <p>One of NPR’s Fifty Favorite Albums of 2012 was the self-titled debut album from<strong> <a href="">Debo Band</a></strong>. The eleven member band, based in Boston, blends 1960’s Ethiopian music with American funk, brass band music, and rock. Tonight, the <strong>Debo Band </strong>is playing on the<a href=""> Dartmouth Green in Hanover</a>. Band leader and saxophonist is Ethiopian-American <strong>Danny Mekonnen</strong>, who we spoke with about the band and their unique sound.</p><p> Thu, 27 Jun 2013 13:45:30 +0000 Virginia Prescott 30220 at Debo Band Comes To New Hampshire The Trials And Triumphs Of Levon Helm <p>Moving back in time for a moment to 1976 when The Band released The Last Waltz, Martin Scorcese’s film of that final show at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco.&nbsp; The film is often held up as the greatest rock movie ever and almost universally loved, except by Levon Helm…the musician,&nbsp; actor, composer and original member of The Band who died a year ago this week. But then, Levon Helm was a drummer who marched to a different drummer, Helm ’s creative struggles,&nbsp; crippling personal losses, and musical renaissance after battling cancer are at the heart of a <a href="">new documentary film</a>,and <a href="">a new book</a> by the writer, editor and spy magazine alum <a href=""><strong>Jamie Malanowski</strong></a>. Wed, 17 Apr 2013 18:31:55 +0000 Virginia Prescott 25736 at The Trials And Triumphs Of Levon Helm Cloud Cult: Musicians On A Mission <p>You may know the band cloud cult from an animated commercial that aired during the Super Bowl a few years ago. In exchange for the work, e-Surance helped fund some of the band's costs for greening the recording of album. The fact that <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Cloud Cult</a></strong> chooses deals like that--writes heart-warming songs, and travels across the country to perform for good causes--may have you wondering if they are for real. But doing good and staying positive are deeply embedded in the DNA of <strong>Cloud Cult</strong>. This evening the band will perform <a href="" target="_blank">a live acoustic set</a> during a yoga class at the <a href="" target="_blank">At Om Yoga</a> studio in Concord. It’s a benefit for a local child with pediatric cancer. I talked with <strong>Craig Minowa, </strong>singer, guitarist, and leader of Cloud Cult before they headed to New Hampshire and can say that the whole kind-hearted thing is not just PR. In fact, I told him that they are just about the least cynical indie band I can think of.</p><p> Tue, 09 Apr 2013 15:16:02 +0000 Virginia Prescott 25203 at Cloud Cult: Musicians On A Mission Why 'Edelweiss' Makes Audra McDonald Think Of Home <p></p> Fri, 01 Jun 2012 16:08:47 +0000 5999 at Why 'Edelweiss' Makes Audra McDonald Think Of Home