romance en St. Anselm Celebrates Shakespeare With Sonnets <p><span style="line-height: 1.5;">&nbsp;&nbsp;</span>For the past 25 years, New Hampshire’s Saint Anselm College has hosted a celebration of William Shakespeare’s birthday with period music, theatrical renditions, and public readings of all 154 of the bard's famously melancholic and romantic sonnets. <strong>Ryan Lessard </strong>brings us this audio postcard.</p><p> Mon, 29 Apr 2013 19:35:19 +0000 Ryan Lessard 26513 at St. Anselm Celebrates Shakespeare With Sonnets Dollars And Sex <p></p><p>At its most transparent, Valentine’s Day is a holiday built for consumption. That may sound like a bit of a buzz kill, but there is loads of research activity connecting our romantic ideals and more base human motivations to our decisions to spend and save…mostly spend. Joining us, is <strong>Dr. Marina Adshade</strong> who teaches Economics at the University of British Columbia, in Vancouver. She hit a nerve there in 2008 when she launched an undergraduate course called <em>Economics of Sex and Love</em>. It was an instant hit among students, and led to the launch of the <a href="" target="_blank">Dollars and Sex</a> blog and now, a book of the same title. It uses market research and economic analysis on matters of the heart and other anatomical bits.</p><p> Thu, 14 Feb 2013 16:16:49 +0000 Virginia Prescott 21974 at Dollars And Sex Relationship Advice From Dear Prudence <p>Dear Prudence (or Prudie as she is known by her fans) has the answers to all manner of relationship issues, handling delicate matters with aplomb, sensitivity, and humor. <strong>Emily Yoffe, </strong>a.k.a. Prudence, writes the <a href="" target="_blank">Dear Prudence column </a>for Slate and joins us to offer some last minute advice on Valentine’s Day.</p><p> Thu, 14 Feb 2013 15:24:19 +0000 Virginia Prescott 21964 at Relationship Advice From Dear Prudence This Valentine's Day, Don't Go Into Diamond Debt <p>Valentine's day is creeping closer…a big day to celebrate abiding love or seal the deal on a new one with a diamond engagement ring. And now for the wet blanket: diamond debt. You know that whole two months salary for an engagement ring calculus? It’s tradition, right? Not really. Diamonds were not associated with romance until the Debeers Diamond Company began marketing them for engagement rings in the 1930s. Debeer’s "Diamonds Are Forever" campaign remains one of the most successful of the 20<sup>th</sup> century. So, young men still march into jewelry shops prepared to spend…and retailers have plenty of financing available for those who don’t have money up front. <a href=""><strong>Gerri Detweiler</strong></a>, is the director of consumer education for <a href=""></a>, and she recently <a href="">wrote a blog post about the common credit traps diamond buyers fall into</a>. Wed, 06 Feb 2013 18:34:18 +0000 Virginia Prescott 21464 at This Valentine's Day, Don't Go Into Diamond Debt