dancing http://nhpr.org en 5 Gift Ideas for the Robot in Your Life http://nhpr.org/post/5-gift-ideas-robot-your-life <p>When we first saw Robert Ito's <a href="http://www.psmag.com/magazines/november-december-2012/social-robots-aibo-paro-roomba-48793/">Pacific Standard piece</a> on folks who've fallen in love with their robots, we were all....huh? So of course, we booked him on the show. You can listen to that interview here:</p><p>But all that talk about human-robot love got us thinking...if a robot <em>is</em> the love of your life, how do you show it? Here are some ideas we dug up:</p><p><strong>1) Buy him a snazzy costume!</strong></p> Thu, 29 Nov 2012 20:37:23 +0000 Rebecca Lavoie 17658 at http://nhpr.org 5 Gift Ideas for the Robot in Your Life A Good ol' Barn Dance http://nhpr.org/post/good-ol-barn-dance <p>Last weekend was the <a href="http://www.ossipeevalley.com/">Ossipee Valley Music Festival </a>in South Hiram,Maine. The festival is a weekend long event with four stages of Americana, Bluegrass, and Rockabilly music from bands all over the world. But the real party starts when the sun goes down at the raucous Saturday night barn dance. Word of Mouth intern Zach Nugent&nbsp;decided to shake a leg and bring us this audio post card.&nbsp;</p><p></p><p>Check out the barn dance band, The Defibulators:</p> Thu, 02 Aug 2012 14:44:15 +0000 Zach Nugent 9974 at http://nhpr.org A Good ol' Barn Dance