musician en Johnny Cash: The Lost Album <p>Back in the 1980's, Johnny Cash recorded an album that never saw the light of day; his record company at the time, unceremoniously shelved the project. Lucky for all you Johnny Cash fans, Legacy Recordings got a hold of the long forgotten dusty tracks and released them. Virginia spoke to <strong>Robert Baird</strong>, music editor for <em>Stereofile</em> about the new/old album, <em>Out Among the Stars</em>. You can hear that interview, right here.</p><p> Tue, 25 Mar 2014 18:16:37 +0000 Word of Mouth 45597 at Johnny Cash: The Lost Album Playing For Peace <p>Clarinetist and composer <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Kinan Azmeh</strong></a> was born in Damascus, but now lives in New York, where he wakes up to bad news each day. One of his compositions, “<a href="" target="_blank">A Sad Morning, Every Morning</a>,” is dedicated to the victims of the Syrian conflict, now in its third year.</p><p><strong>Kinan</strong> will be performing at the Hopkins Center at Dartmouth tonight along with <a href="" target="_blank">Sally Pinkas</a>, and the <a href="" target="_blank">Apple Hill String Quartet</a> in a program called “Playing for Peace.”</p><p>Also featured tonight will be works by Joseph Haydn and Mieczyslaw Weinberg and the world premiere of two compositions by the composer <a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Kareem Roustom</strong></a>-- also born in Damascus. <strong>Roustom</strong> has not been back to Syria since 2008; <strong>Azmeh</strong> since July 2012 , but the people who are suffering in their war-torn homeland are never far from their hearts or their music. We spoke to <strong>Kinan Azmeh</strong> and <strong>Kareem Routsom</strong> from Dartmouth’s studio about homeland.</p><p> Wed, 13 Nov 2013 19:01:20 +0000 Virginia Prescott 38457 at Playing For Peace Word of Mouth 09.14.13 <p>The Saturday show is jam-packed jelly-tight with the best from the Word of Mouth archives. Sit back, relax and let the sweet sounds of this public radio audio sandwich be your weekend treat. On this week's show:</p><ul><li><a href="" target="_blank">Would a mirror change your shopping habits?</a> <strong>Michael Moss</strong> is investigative reporter for the <em>New York Times</em> and winner of the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for explanatory reporting. He told us about some interesting new tactics supermarkets are using to influence shoppers.</li><li><a href="" target="_blank">This Soylent is NOT made of people.</a> A new 'food' product is meant to be the perfect replacment for all your daily nutrients. <strong>Lee Hutchinson</strong> is senior reviews editor at<a href=""> Ars Technica</a>. He lived on Soylent for a full week, and blogged about the experience.</li></ul><p> Fri, 13 Sep 2013 13:50:04 +0000 Virginia Prescott 34849 at Word of Mouth 09.14.13 The Music Genre 'Americana' Is Predominantly White And Male, But Why? <p>Not so long ago, “Americana” was the term for rusty milk jugs, embroidered pillows and souvenir spoon collections found at antique stores. In the mid-1990s, it became the nickname for the rootsy, twangy, weather-beaten music of bands like <a href="" target="_blank">Uncle Tupelo</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Alison Krauss</a>, and a man who embodies rebellion against the country music establishment…Johnny Cash. Americana stalwarts like <a href="!/" target="_blank">Wilco</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Ryan Adams</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Gillian Welch</a> and the big-selling collaboration of Alison Krauss and Robert Plant revived the music of an America that was appealing to boomers and those to the left of the “real” America celebrated by conservatives.</p><p> Tue, 27 Aug 2013 13:35:43 +0000 Virginia Prescott 33824 at The Music Genre 'Americana' Is Predominantly White And Male, But Why? Gabriel Kahane <p><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Gabriel Kahane </strong></a>made his recital debut as a composer and performer at Carnegie Hall, played piano for Mark Morris Dance Company, premiered a song cycle with John Adams conducting the LA Philharmonic, and performed his “<a href="" target="_blank">Craigslistlieder</a>” at a number of New York City bars. It’s little wonder the NY Times called <strong>Gabriel Kahane </strong>a one-man cultural Cuisinart. He’ll be mixing it up <a href="" target="_blank">Friday, April 19<sup>th</sup> at the HOP</a> with the premiere of “Gabriel’s Guide to the 48 States”. It’s the culmination of two years as composer-in-residence with the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra.</p><p> Thu, 18 Apr 2013 18:45:11 +0000 Virginia Prescott 25827 at Gabriel Kahane Word Of Mouth 03.23.2013 <p>All of the pleasure, none of the guilt. Our Saturday show gets you caught up, in a convenient snack pack size. This week….A video game attempts to replicate the experience of autism; spying in space with the help of spectroscopy; a look back to when <em>Peyton Place</em> was in its heyday, almost 60 years ago; the delicious and sweet tradition of capturing maple syrup; making music by “playing” a tower; and a musician gives a private concert in Studio D, then talks about teenage inspiration and her love of pie.</p><p> Fri, 22 Mar 2013 18:41:18 +0000 Rebecca Lavoie 24210 at Word Of Mouth 03.23.2013 From Scrubs to Songwriting <p>Here at Word of Mouth, we receive dozens of unsolicited albums each week to be reviewed for potential segments on the show. So what, you may ask, enticed me to pop <a href="!home/mainPage">David Friedenberg&#39;s </a>newest album into my computer and give it a good long listen? It may have been the letter enclosed in the CD case, addressed to Laura Knoy, that suggested she might find this new and &quot;more political&quot; album interesting. Tue, 07 Aug 2012 18:42:19 +0000 10310 at From Scrubs to Songwriting