Fresh Greens en Urban Sprouts <div class="transcript"><p jquery1344892224702="635">A composite of the voices, poetry, and free-styles of young men who are residents in a youth detention facility located in the mountains south of San Francisco. The young men participate in a garden and nutrition education program with <a href="" target="_blank"><u><font color="#0000ff">Urban Sprouts</font></u></a>.</p></div> Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:51:42 +0000 Terrascope Youth Radio 10796 at Urban Sprouts Environmental Guilty Pleasures <div class="transcript"><p jquery1344892010580="636">Some of us are well-meaning earth-lovers. We want to be model green citizens, but we don’t quite hit the mark all of the time. We’re not alone, as <strong>Devon Dennison</strong> and <strong>Kellie Blauvelt</strong> from Weekday High in Seattle, Washington, found out.</p></div> Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:50:54 +0000 Terrascope Youth Radio 10795 at Environmental Guilty Pleasures A Little Flushed Up <div class="transcript"><p jquery1344891815192="635">Did you know that one in three people in the world does not have access to a toilet? That means environmental and health hazards that most of us wouldn't have thought of. <strong>Sara Zhang </strong>from Carmel High School's WHJE youth radio station in Carmel, Indiana, tells us more.</p></div> Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:49:34 +0000 Sara Zhang 10794 at A Little Flushed Up From Cafeteria to Compost <div class="transcript"><p jquery1344891601101="635">We asked youth radio groups from Portland, Maine, to Seattle, Washington, to pick a product or a pastime and size up its green credentials. What they learned surprised us - like this piece from Z<strong>oe Sheinkopf </strong>from public radio station KUOW’s weekday high radio training program in Seattle, Washington. Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:48:37 +0000 Zoe Sheinkopf 10793 at From Cafeteria to Compost Getting Real About Greenwashing <div class="transcript" jquery1344891370900="648"><p>We're hearing from teens across the United States who are getting to the heart of what’s really good for the planet… and what just might look that way. Here’s one Maine high school student’s critical take on greenwashing, the corporate practice of making green claims about products and services that might or might not live up to their marketing.</p> Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:46:51 +0000 Isaac Woodbury High 10792 at Getting Real About Greenwashing Turf or Grass? <div class="transcript"><p jquery1344891066370="647"><strong>Eitan Stern-Robbins</strong> and <strong>Camara Langford</strong> from Terrascope Youth Radio at MIT put together a contest of sorts. Which is better for the environment: turf, or grass?</p></div> Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:45:12 +0000 Terrascope Youth Radio 10791 at Turf or Grass? Making Water a Universal Right <div class="transcript"><p jquery1344888573527="636">A look at access to fresh water from youth producer <strong>Dolna Smithback</strong> from the Youth Media Project in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which celebrates youth voices and fosters youth-produced media. In 2009, Dolna traveled to the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Melbourne, Australia, to find out how other nations value water—and cope with its scarcity.</p></div> Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:44:21 +0000 Dolna Smithback 10781 at Making Water a Universal Right Fresh Greens 2.0 <div class="transcript"><p jquery1344887989644="637">In the second special from NHPR, Generation PRX and Terrascope Youth Radio at MIT, youth radio producers reflect on this question and seek out programs and efforts designed to have a positive impact on the environment.</p></div> Thu, 24 Mar 2011 14:40:50 +0000 Terrascope Youth Radio 10771 at Fresh Greens 2.0 Climate Change in Shishmaref, Alaska Fri, 04 Sep 2009 15:40:48 +0000 Alaska Teen Media Institute 11266 at Garbage Bin Rap <div class="transcript"></div> Fri, 04 Sep 2009 15:08:41 +0000 RadiJoJo 11256 at Van Jones and the Green Economy <div class="transcript"><p jquery1344892388872="643">Van Jones, the founder of Green For All, an organization that promotes green-collar jobs and opportunities for the disadvantages. He's also Special Advisor for Green Jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality. He talks with Manon Bonnet and Hichem Hadjeres about the green economy as well as making the environmental movement fashionable for more people - especially young people.</p></div> Fri, 04 Sep 2009 14:55:41 +0000 Terrascope Youth Radio 10797 at Garbage Bin Rap <DIV class=transcript></DIV> Fri, 04 Sep 2009 04:00:00 +0000 RadiJoJo 11257 at Global Warming Rap <DIV class=transcript></DIV> Fri, 04 Sep 2009 04:00:00 +0000 Terrascope Youth Radio 11259 at Dumpster Diving <DIV class=transcript></DIV> Fri, 04 Sep 2009 04:00:00 +0000 Rebecca Barker 11261 at Welcome to the Veggielution <DIV class=transcript></DIV> Fri, 04 Sep 2009 04:00:00 +0000 Robert Rogers 11263 at