Political Science http://nhpr.org en Is The Recall Going To Be 'The New Normal' In Politics? http://nhpr.org/post/recall-going-be-new-normal-politics <p>Congressional approval rating hit a new now of 10.5 percent this week. If you&rsquo;ve found yourself yelling at the radio and TV news coverage of the government shutdown and plotting revenge at the next election, you may not have to wait until 2014.</p><p>Last month, two of Colorado&rsquo;s Democratic state senators <a href="http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2013/09/11/what_colorados_recall_results_mean_for_dems_119913.html">became targets of a successful recall</a>&nbsp;after voting for more restrictive gun legislation, adding to the increasing number of recall campaigns launched over the past two years.&nbsp;</p><p><strong>Seth Masket </strong>is a political scientist at the University of Denver, and a regular contributor to Pacific Standard.&nbsp; He spoke with us&nbsp;about his article <a href="http://www.psmag.com/politics/recall-election-now-thing-permanent-campaign-election-66344/">&ldquo;The Recall is the New Normal&rdquo;.&nbsp;</a></p><p> Wed, 02 Oct 2013 16:25:59 +0000 Taylor Quimby 36044 at http://nhpr.org Is The Recall Going To Be 'The New Normal' In Politics? When "Mad Men" Met Wonder Bread http://nhpr.org/post/when-mad-men-met-wonder-bread-0 <p>For most of the twentieth century, Americans got between a quarter and a half of their daily calories from uniform loaves of factory baked white bread. It was a symbol of an industrial food revolution that inspired national pride; a dough so emblematic of a successful democracy that the book <a href="http://www.indiebound.org/book/9780807044780" target="_blank"><em>White Bread: A Social History of the Store-Bought Loaf</em></a> was written not by a baker, but a professor of politics<strong>; </strong>the author,<strong> Aaron Bobrow-Strain, </strong>teaches politics at <a href="http://www.whitman.edu/content/">Whitman</a>&nbsp;College in&nbsp;Washington. He also wrote about his own attempt to prepare the perfectly rectangular cloud-like loaf in <a href="http://www.believermag.com/issues/201202/?read=article_bobrow-strain" target="_blank"><em>The Believer</em></a> magazine.&nbsp; We spoke to Aaron when his book was first published about the deeply symbolic place of white bread in American identity; the book is now out in paperback.<strong> </strong></p><p> Thu, 02 May 2013 14:27:19 +0000 Virginia Prescott 26709 at http://nhpr.org When "Mad Men" Met Wonder Bread Political Science Under Attack http://nhpr.org/post/political-science-under-attack <p>Two weeks ago, Congress passed a continuing budget resolution that included an amendment to cease all funding of political science research. Currently, Poly-Sci gets about ten million dollars a year in support from the national science foundation. In a recent <a href="http://www.psmag.com/blogs/seth-masket/congress-nsf-political-science-budget-54283/" target="_blank">series of posts</a> on <em>Pacific Standard</em>, <strong>Seth Masket</strong>, political scientist at the University of Denver, says his field has become a new political punching bag. We’ve asked Seth on to tell us why…and why he thinks such research matters.</p><p> Mon, 08 Apr 2013 14:37:31 +0000 Virginia Prescott 25118 at http://nhpr.org Political Science Under Attack