University System en Faculty Seek To Unionize At Plymouth State University <p>A Plymouth State University faculty group wants its 174 full-time, tenure track professors to be able to form a union.</p><p>The State Employee’s Association (SEA) filed on behalf of the faculty Monday to hold an election with the New Hampshire Public Employees Labor Relations Board.</p><p>Eligible members would vote to join the SEA later this spring. More than fifty percent approval is needed to pass.</p><p>Supporters of the union, like Associate Professor Scott Coykendall, say that it will improve communication with current and future university administrations.</p> Tue, 05 Mar 2013 18:43:08 +0000 Alison Kuzmickas 23097 at University System Asks Budget Writers For $100 Million <p>The University System of New Hampshire is asking lawmakers for $100 million dollars in annual state funding.</p><p>That’s more than twice what they were given in the previous budget.</p><p>Heads of the various state departments, and the presidents of the state’s universities went before budget writers today to present their initial requests for state funds.</p><p>Chancellor of the University System, Ed McKay, says he is cautiously optimistic that governor elect Maggie Hassan will make restoring the cuts from the last budget a priority.</p> Mon, 26 Nov 2012 22:59:41 +0000 Sam Evans-Brown 17470 at University System Asks Budget Writers For $100 Million Finance Committee Looks at Implications of Eliminating USNH Chancellor <p>&nbsp;</p><p>The House Finance committee is taking a hard look at a <a href="">bill </a>that would eliminate the Chancellor of the University System of New Hampshire.&nbsp;<a href="">University trustees</a> say that as written, the bill will cost the universities more money.</p><p>Milton Republican Robbie Parson&rsquo;s bill has the backing of House leadership, and has already been approved in a preliminary vote on the house floor.</p> Mon, 12 Mar 2012 18:22:27 +0000 Sam Evans-Brown 2440 at Finance Committee Looks at Implications of Eliminating USNH Chancellor House Votes to End Chancellor's Office <p>The New Hampshire House today voted to eliminate the Chancellor&rsquo;s Office within the University System. The bill calls for many of the responsibilities of the Office to be shifted to the Board of Trustees and to school presidents. Created in 1974, the Chancellor&rsquo;s duties include government relations, purchasing and audits.</p> Wed, 08 Feb 2012 20:25:17 +0000 Todd Bookman 1776 at