Frequently Asked Questions: Underwriting and Sponsorship

How can we receive more information on underwriting?

To learn more about underwriting and to receive the NHPR Media Kit please contact Jim McCann, Director of Corporate Support through our online contact form or by calling 603.223.2470.

Can we be billed monthly for underwriting?

Yes, In fact over 95% of NHPR underwriters choose to be billed monthly. Other underwriters prefer to provide advanced payment and receive a discount.

How much does underwriting cost?

An underwriting schedule on NHPR can be designed to fit any budget. Announcements in specific programs range from $30 to $95. Package plans are available at reduced rates and provide reach to all NHPR audiences.

Where will our underwriting announcements air and how often?

Messages can be scheduled during specific times of day, during specific programs or they can be rotated to reach all available audiences. NHPR has many underwriters that air one or two news announcements per week and others that air up to 10 announcements per day. An NHPR representative can assist you in developing a schedule to meet your company's reach, frequency and awareness needs.

What can our underwriting message say and how long can it be?

Messages can be 10 seconds in length and usually consist of 15 to 20 words. FCC guidelines allow messages to include company name, a value-neutral description of products or services, and either a web address, location or phone number. An NHPR representative can assist you in preparing your message.

How can I underwrite on NHPR?

When your business becomes an underwriter on NHPR not only do you contribute to the success of a valued community service, you reach an exceptional audience. We have many underwriting opportunities to meet your needs and your budget. Learn more about Business Support

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