NHPR’s Community Advisory Board: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why does NHPR need a Community Advisory Board?

A: Not only is it a requirement of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but NHPR recognizes the importance of obtaining constructive feedback on a consistent basis from the people we serve. 


Q:  What does the Community Advisory Board do?

A:  The role of the Community Advisory Board is to provide feedback on programming, policies, new initiatives and services.  And by expanding to 40 participants we hope that this re-launched Community Advisory Board – “The Sounding Board” – will be more representative of the communities we serve.


Q:  How will the Sounding Board be chosen?

A:  We are asking people to submit an application so that we can create an advisory board that represents a broad range of demographics, including geography and experience.  The Sounding Board will have a steering committee composed of three members of the panel, one member of the NHPR Board of Trustees and Abby Goldstein, VP for Programming.   This steering committee will be responsible for helping to develop the agendas, will make annual reports to the Board of Trustees and will choose the next Sounding Board members. 


Q:  What kind of commitment will members of the Sounding Board be agreeing to?

A:  The Sounding Board will meet twice a year, once in Concord and once in another region; off site meeting locations will rotate annually.  Sounding Board members will be elected for one three-year term and be eligible to serve a second term.  


Q:  What will happen at The Sounding Board meetings?

A:  Meetings will begin in the morning at 9:00 am with comments from Betsy Gardella, NHPR’s President/CEO, followed by an education session presented by members of the NHPR staff.   The Sounding Board will then discuss a particular topic or issue for the remainder of the meeting.  You will be asked to do some homework before the meeting based on that topic or issue.  For example, if we are developing a new show, you might be asked to listen to pilot segments and provide feedback; or if we were launching a new digital initiative, we might ask you to “road-test” it in advance.  The meetings will be moderated by a professional facilitator who will guide the discussion and provide a report afterwards.  When the meeting is over, you will be served lunch.  The meetings should conclude by 1:00 pm.