Brady Carlson

Reporter and Host, Weekend Edition

Brady Carlson’s latest role at NHPR is actually two roles: reporting for NHPR’s news team, while also hosting Weekend Edition on Saturdays and Sundays.

It’s the latest stop on an NHPR career that has included a little bit of everything since he joined the station in 2005. As NHPR’s webmaster, he led's expansion into an Edward R. Murrow award-winning platform for online discussions and multimedia content, and he launched many of NHPR’s Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, as well as the station's Public Insight Network.

While serving as All Things Considered host for four years, he interviewed presidential hopefuls, authors, state lawmakers and other notable Granite Staters, while helping to add weekly segments such as Foodstuffs, Granite Geek and New England Snapshot. He’s guest hosted The Exchange, served as a frequent guest on Word of Mouth and helped to anchor NHPR’s election and primary night coverage.

Brady's first book, a tour of the gravesites of the U.S. presidents, was published in February 2016.

Brady holds a Master’s Degree in Visual and Media Arts from Emerson College in Boston and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science from Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois. He and his wife, Sonya, live in Concord with their three children, Owen, Wyatt and Georgia.


Ways to Connect

<a href="">CCAC North Library</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

One of my favorite sites these days is Letters of Note, a blog about really interesting or unusual correspondence from years gone by. The story of the Troy, Michigan Public Library is a great example of what the site does:



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<a href="">Lazurite</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

Does that "low battery" message from your cellphone just make you want to scream? You can put that to use now, because researchers in South Korea say they've figured out how to charge batteries through voice waves. Cause the problem with cell phones was that people didn't talk loudly enough on them.

Meet Smugopedia, the online encyclopedia that knows more than you do and isn't afraid to tell you so. Actually, Smugopedia is a fun and funny spoof of hipsters along the lines of The Rock Snob's Dictionary by David Kamp and Steven Daly. Which is hopefully an obscure enough reference to make me a hipster at long last.  [via Nag on the Lake]

Yet another thing robots can do better than humans: play Operation without lighting up the patient's infamous red nose I bet the Da Vinci surgery robot can probably sink our battleships, roll a Yahtzee and not break the ice, too. [The Awesomer]

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This Haight-Ashbury house is either perfectly equipped to fight crime or dealing with limited parking space in a novel way - the ground floor is actually a four car garage in disguise! [Gizmodo]

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<a href="">somegeekintn</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

British researchers say they have a new way for people who've lost their voice boxes to surgery or illness to regain speech - a headset that detects mouth shapes and turns them into speech.

Here's how it works: the system goes on a person's head, and little magnets placed in the mouth and on the tongue do a sort of motion-capture as the person mouths a word The system then translates the mouthed words into speech.

Smartphones: they're GPS, still camera, telephone, web browser and viral video sharer all in one Maybe now we should add lifesaver to that list.

Here's What's Awesome

Apr 18, 2011

Over time the Obama Administration has been building out government webspace for transparency projects – making the vast amount of public government data not only available, but usable for people who want to make graphs or maps or other mashups.

Nice Jump, Lonnie

Apr 15, 2011

Doing a base jump out of a wheelchair? Yeah, that qualifies as extreme. And awesome.

There's more "extreme chairing" at, you guessed it, [SayOMG]

<a href="">Mark Gstohl</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

You can take any category you want for any amount you want thanks to J! Archive, which catalogues every single answer-and-question pairing from every Trebek-era episode of Jeopardy. I took a look at the board for July 25, 2008, an episode I missed because I was launching this blog.

<a href="">Missha</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

When I see a banana, I think "breakfast" or "snack" or "potassium" or even "don't slip on its peel".

< ahref="">Wootang01</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

Actually, if you want free food you should have a baby - people have given us all sorts of delicious things. But if that approach is a little drastic, maybe Food-Bot would be more useful. This site, designed by a once-hungry college student looking to eat on a modest budget, scours campus event calendars for mentions of free edibles. You can even have the site send you e-mails when new events are posted

Owen Graham Carlson, born at 1:58 pm! Mother and baby are doing great. 

Since your internet sherpa will have his hands full with this little pumpkin, we're holding off on new awesomeness for a few weeks. See you soon!

<a href="">Alun Salt</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

It's Frieeday every day! Thirteen year old Rebecca Black becomes the internet’s new punching bag!

 There are remixes everywhere, from Bob Dylan to death metal.

 Physorg: ‘Worst song ever’ tops 30 million YouTube views

Mashable: How Rebecca Black Became a YouTube Sensation


Science, Again!

Mar 7, 2011

Maybe it's scientists that have more fun. The blog Out of Context Science suggests that, anyway; they post one short phrase that, without any explanation, just sounds more interesting than what the rest of us are doing. [via Miss Cellania]

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Mike Licht via Flickr/Creative Commons

Charlie Sheen, Unemployed Winner – the internet loves a meltdown! And it loves remixing a meltdown.

Cats Quote Charlie Sheen -

The Charlie Sheen is Too Damn High Party -

Now That's a Sendoff

Feb 25, 2011

A memorial of 320,000 firecrackers might help a guy rest in peace,  but he sure won't be forgotten! [Bits and Pieces]

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A 7-10-310-489 Split

Feb 18, 2011

Ever see that scene in The Big Lebowski where The Dude is laying on the rug listening to the sounds of bowling pins? I think this is what he was seeing in his head [UniqueDaily]

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<a href="">shelled</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

Surgeons want to avoid nicking a nerve while operating, for obvious reasons. (It gets on their nerves, you see. No pun intended.) They use a system called electromyography, which highlights most of the big nerves, but it sometimes misses smaller ones. Now there's a fluorescent goo that makes even the small nerves light up and show themselves in true psychedelic fashion

<a href="">Ravages</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

For my money, the space object with the coolest name of all is the Whipple Bumper. It protects the International Space Station against squeezing the Charmin, and against damage from space debris.

Courtesy of <a href="">Sonya Carlson</a>

Cows and horses, you may finally have some relief from all those insects. A new report says a catnip oil-based repellant can keep 99 percent of bugs away... for three hours, at least. (The researchers are looking for a way to make the treatment last longer.)

In the Twitterverse it's not enough to find just the right word - with only 140 characters, you have to find just the right short word. As its name suggests, Thsrs is a site that'll help you swap out a word that's, um, protracted, with a shorter one.

And no, Thsrs doesn't give a three letter word for antidisestablishmentarianism, but I wouldn't hold that against it.  [Presurfer]

Groupon – Well that didn’t go well. Groupon’s ads were apparently intended to poke fun at celebrities taking on causes, or something, but they came off as convoluted bordering on offensive and there was a huge backlash on Twitter. The goal here was to introduce Groupon to the mainstream, and unfortunately it’s not the best first impression they could have made.

<a href="">EEKaWILL</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

If I've learned one thing in taking CPR classes, it's that time is everything in an emergency. The sooner you can start CPR or get help for someone, the better their chances of a happy ending.

It's a Ghost Ball!

Jan 28, 2011

This one in a million shot at the mini-putt course is pretty awesome. 

The running around and screaming after the shot? Not quite so much. [Have You Seen This?]

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Ever seen a little bit of water sizzle around a hot pan? That's what's going on in this video, only at 3000 frames per second it looks more gorgeous than sizzly. Any slower and it would look like Rover, the nefarious weather balloon from TV's "The Prisoner."

<a href="">micah.e</a> via FLickr/Creative Commons

Man, what in the world is happening down in St. Cloud, Minnesota? I don't have a clue! Let's check it out! 

Lionel Richie references aside, what's happening in St. Cloud is a test of a system in which LED ceiling lights provide wireless web access. Most current wireless systems use radio waves, so light waves aren't much of a stretch - the system flickers at a rate that's too fast for the human eye to notice, and the transfer speeds are comparable to DSL

<a href="">susanaudrey</a> via Flickr/Creative Commons

If ever there was a reason for noise-canceling headphones, dental drills might be it. A prototype dental-noise-canceling device piggybacks onto your MP3 player and headphones, blocking out the high-pitched drill and dental noises while letting the dentist's voice through.