Brady Carlson

Reporter and Host, Weekend Edition

Brady Carlson’s latest role at NHPR is actually two roles: reporting for NHPR’s news team, while also hosting Weekend Edition on Saturdays and Sundays.

It’s the latest stop on an NHPR career that has included a little bit of everything since he joined the station in 2005. As NHPR’s webmaster, he led's expansion into an Edward R. Murrow award-winning platform for online discussions and multimedia content, and he launched many of NHPR’s Facebook pages and Twitter feeds, as well as the station's Public Insight Network.

While serving as All Things Considered host for four years, he interviewed presidential hopefuls, authors, state lawmakers and other notable Granite Staters, while helping to add weekly segments such as Foodstuffs, Granite Geek and New England Snapshot. He’s guest hosted The Exchange, served as a frequent guest on Word of Mouth and helped to anchor NHPR’s election and primary night coverage.

In addition to his NHPR work, Brady is finishing up his first book, a tour of the gravesites of the U.S. presidents, which is set for publication in 2016.

Brady holds a Master’s Degree in Visual and Media Arts from Emerson College in Boston and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science from Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois. He and his wife, Sonya, live in Concord with their sons Owen and Wyatt.


Ways to Connect

A wireless communications firm in Pembroke is one of seven companies receiving job training grants from the state.  Green Mountain Communications Incorporated has received a grant of about $15 thousand dollars to train 25 employees on project management, fiber optics, network analysis and other skills. Anheuser-Busch of Merrimack will use its roughly $12 thousand dollar grant to offer training courses to 81 employees.  And a grant of $8,400 for Dartmouth Printing of Hanover will be used to train 40 employees through courses at the New Hampshire Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Other com

Brady Carlson / NHPR

In his first visit to New Hampshire after formally launching his second presidential bid, Rick Perry described the 2016 campaign as a “show me, don't tell me” election. Speaking at a house party in Meredith, he says most of the contenders in the GOP field will agree on the issues, but not every candidate will be able to point to his or her record to underscore those positions.


Brady Carlson / NHPR

Rand Paul says his presidential campaign will bring new voters into the Republican Party.

The Kentucky US Senator is in the midst of a three-day campaign trip through New Hampshire. Speaking Saturday in Concord, Paul defended his attempt to block the reauthorization of the PATRIOT Act, saying he wants the government to access phone records of terrorism suspects without collecting Americans' phone data in bulk:

"All you have to do is what the Fourth Amendment demands: put a name on a warrant," Paul said at at event in Concord. "Warrants are not hard to get."

Brady Carlson / NHPR

The weekday morning rush is in full effect at the McDonald’s in Concord’s South End. Customers are ordering Egg McMuffins at the counter; commuters are lined up in the drive-thru lane.

Oh, and nine members of the Concord Police Department are here, including Lieutenant John Thomas.

Rob_ / Flickr CC

The annual Clean Tech Leadership Index measures and ranks states on a range of indicators, such as renewable energy generation, green buildings and transportation.

New Hampshire ranks twelfth overall on the 2015 index, up four places from last year. Ron Pernick of CleanEdge, which produces the annual report, says the state excels in several areas. 

Chris Jensen / NHPR

The Senate’s top budget writer says it’s unclear whether the final version of the state budget will include funding for a new labor agreement with state employees.

    Republican Jeanie Forrester of Meredith says there’s been little discussion in the Senate of the deal, which would give state workers a 2 percent raise in each of the next two years at a cost of about $12 million dollars.

  Foodstuffs Small Plates: Dean Kamen, Restaurateur?

Small Plates is a roundup of New Hampshire food news.

New Hampshire Senate
Allegra Boverman / NHPR

The head of the largest state employees union is urging the New Hampshire Senate to fund a new two-year labor deal with the state.

Neither the House budget nor the one approved by the Senate Finance Committee includes the $12 million dollar cost of the deal, which would give state employees 2 percent raises each of the next two years and better dental and life insurance benefits.

Brady Carlson / NHPR

Democrat Martin O’Malley started the New Hampshire portion of his 2016 presidential bid with a stop for ice cream at the Goldenrod restaurant in Manchester.

The former Maryland governor has been traveling to early voting states a day after launching his 2016 presidential bid in Baltimore.

Speaking Sunday afternoon, O’Malley characterized himself as a progressive alternative to frontrunner Hillary Clinton, and said his executive experience shows he can get that agenda passed.

Brady Carlson / NHPR

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is presenting himself to New Hampshire voters as a potential presidential candidate who’s been effective in office while sticking to his principles.

Jessica Lea/DFID

Dr. Charles Blitzer is an orthopedic surgeon on the Seacoast – except when he lends his expertise to other parts of the world. He’s worked in rural parts of Malawi, in east Africa; Bhutan in Asia, and Haiti, following the devastating earthquake there.

Blitzer has just returned from three weeks in Nepal, where he treated some of those affected in the massive earthquakes there. He joined Weekend Edition to talk about some of his experiences.

Small Plates is a roundup of New Hampshire food news.

Brady Carlson / NHPR

New Hampshire’s US senators are holding a forum Tuesday afternoon to discuss the Veterans Administration’s new Choice Card program.

The program, established in the overhaul of the VA in 2014, allows veterans to use private medical providers if their VA center is too busy or too far away. The latter has been an issue in New Hampshire, a state in which the VA has facilities but no full-service hospital.

Downtown Portsmouth.
Squirrel Flight via Flickr/Creative Commons:

  Police in Portsmouth say they’re investigating what may be another heroin-related death.


  New Hampshire health officials are preparing for mosquito season.

Mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile virus and Eastern Equine Encephalitis are far less common than tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease, and state testing won't get underway until mid-summer.

But Beth Daly, the state’s Chief of Infectious Disease Surveillance, says because both can be dangerous or even fatal in some cases, she's urging the public to take precautions, like wearing insect repellant and wearing long-sleeved clothing outdoors.

Courtesy of New Hampshire Audubon, Concord, New Hampshire.

In his groundbreaking work The Birds of North America, John James Audubon brought together the art world and the outdoors in a new way. It served as both a scientific record of North American bird species and a landmark in how to represent wildlife in art.

What’s less well known is the massive project Audubon took on after The Birds of North America.

File photos / NHPR

Both of New Hampshire’s US Senators voted in favor of giving President Obama additional trade powers.

The Senate voted 62 to 37 Friday to approve so-called “fast track” negotiating authority, in which Congress can ratify or reject, but not change, trade agreements presented by the president.

New Hampshire Department of Corrections

  State corrections officials say a female inmate walked away from a Transitional Housing Unit in Concord, shortly before a male inmate who had also reportedly walked away was taken into custody.

The Department of Corrections says Christy Blondeau of Manchester had given permission for a two hour outing at 7 p.m. Friday, but did not return to the Shea Farm Transitional Housing Unit as scheduled. Officials placed her on walkaway status at about midnight.

Blondeau is serving a 1 ½ to 3 year sentence on a Forgery conviction.

Brady Carlson / NHPR

Judson Hale is best known for his a half century at Yankee Magazine and a long tenure as editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac.

But Judson Hale's story is much more than magazines. 

Michael Rosenstein / Flickr/CC -

  There’s an interesting provision in New Hampshire state law. Title III, Chapter 51 requires that once, every seven years, members of a town's selectboard or their designees must physically walk and inspect the borders of each town or city, and see that they're well maintained. 

New Hampshire’s tourism industry is preparing for a busy Memorial Day weekend.

rows of crops
Brady Carlson / NHPR

Years ago, the members of the community at Canterbury Shaker Village grew their own food, and sold some of the surplus to residents in the area. There hasn’t been farming on the site for a number of years. That’s why farm manager Stacey Cooper was pleasantly surprised to find the soil in such good shape.

"I was a bit surprised that the nutrient analysis was as balanced as it was," Cooper said, as she looked over the roughly 3/4ths of an acre that make up her farmland. "It didn't need much at all - a testament to how well they took care of their land."

New Hampshire’s unemployment rate ticked down in April to 3.8 percent, after seeing no change the month before. 

The unemployment rate can go down when fewer people are looking for work. But in April New Hampshire’s total labor force increased. 

Brady Carlson / NHPR

Voters in Northwood, Nottingham, Deerfield and Candia go to the polls Tuesday for a special State House election. 

  The special election this Tuesday is between Republican Yvonne Dean-Bailey of Northwood and Democrat Maureen Mann of Deerfield.

Brady Carlson / NHPR

Finding great day care can be hard. Sometimes finding any day care can be hard. Just ask Meghan Hoye of Merrimack, who tried everything to find a place for her three kids.

Josh Rogers / NHPR

Several high-profile presidential hopefuls are headed to New Hampshire this week, including Republican Chris Christie. The New Jersey Governor is giving a foreign policy speech in Portsmouth at noon Monday and is set to hold a town hall meeting in Hudson later in the afternoon.

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will be back in the state Wednesday and Thursday for a house party in Bedford and several business-themed events.

On Friday, it’s Democrat Hillary Clinton, who will make her first New Hampshire visit since holding roundtable discussions in Keene and Concord in April.

  Republican Mitt Romney is encouraging new graduates of Saint Anselm College to live quote-“large lives.”

The former Massachusetts governor and 2012 GOP presidential nominee spoke at Sunday’s commencement ceremonies. And he noted his many appearances at Saint Anselm during his two runs for the White House.

Emily Corwin, NHPR

 A union representing FairPoint Communications workers in New Hampshire says it will meet with the company this week over plans to cut 260 positions.

Sean Hurley / NHPR

Federal officials say they issued a higher number of citations and fines than usual to New Hampshire employers for exposing workers to fall hazards this winter.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration conducted inspections between January 29 and March 4 and found a number of employees removing snow from rooftops who were not adequately protected from the risk of falling.

Crystal Paradis via Flickr/CC -

This week Portsmouth holds a series of public events ahead of next weekend’s formal dedication of the Portsmouth African Burying Ground.

The public park is the city’s way to mark the final resting places of enslaved individuals as well as free African-Americans who were buried centuries ago but only fully rediscovered more recently.