Brady Carlson

Host, All Things Considered

Along with hosting All Things Considered each afternoon, Brady co-hosts NHPR’s presence on Twitter and Facebook, and maintains NHPR’s Public Insight Network, working with residents around New Hampshire to use their knowledge and insights to inform news coverage. Brady is a frequent guest on Word of Mouth, discussing internet culture, media and technology in the regular Here's What's Awesome segment.

In addition to his radio career, Brady has been a public librarian, an overnight stock clerk, a community theater director, a custodian, a schoolteacher, a warehouse laborer, an adjunct college professor, an office receptionist and a walking billboard at a plastics industry trade show.

Brady holds a Master’s Degree in Visual and Media Arts from Emerson College in Boston and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science from Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois.


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All Things Considered
2:00 pm
Mon August 26, 2013

'Eggplant Alley': A Look At A Tumultuous Time, With Parallels To Today

This month All Things Considered has been talking with authors who write in or about New Hampshire.

We conclude the series with D.M. Cataneo. His new novel Eggplant Alley tells the story of Nicky Martini, a 13 year old growing up in a run-down New York City neighborhood during the turbulent year of 1970.

D.M. Cataneo talks about the book with All Things Considered host Brady Carlson.

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All Things Considered
4:40 pm
Fri August 23, 2013

Dispute Raises Questions About How Employers Accommodate Breastfeeding Moms

A story in the Boston Globe this week highlighted the difficulties employees and workplaces sometimes face when it comes to policies around breastfeeding. 

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All Things Considered
5:12 pm
Tue August 20, 2013

New England Farmers Worried About Proposed Federal Food Safety Rules

Representatives from the US Food and Drug Administration are traveling around the country this summer speaking with farmers about the Food Safety Modernization Act – which is the biggest reform of food safety laws the country has seen in more than 70 years. 

The FDA held a public hearing on their proposed rules at Dartmouth College.  The farmers we met there are very concerned about the consequences the proposed rules could have on New England agriculture. 


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All Things Considered
5:53 pm
Mon August 19, 2013

'Elisha Barber': A Grim (And Gory) Version Of Medieval England

Note the cutting tools on the cover of Elisha Barber. Author EC Ambrose says they're there to advise the reader of what's ahead, should he/she decide to open the book.

This month All Things Considered has been been talking with authors who write in or about New Hampshire.

Today’s guest writes in the Granite State, but her book is definitely not set here.

It’s a dark fantasy novel set in an alternate version of 14th century England, with sorcery, battles, and plenty of blood.

It’s called Elisha Barber, and the author is E.C. Ambrose, who joins host Brady Carlson in the studio to talk about the book.

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All Things Considered
5:43 pm
Thu August 15, 2013

Monitoring Program Part Of State's Plan To Curb Prescription Drug Abuse

Police in Manchester are dealing with the effects of a rising rate of prescription drug abuse. But it's not the only part of New Hampshire seeing the problem.

To learn more about the state's approach to curbing abuse of prescription drugs, All Things Considered host Brady Carlson talks with Dr. Seddon Savage, who serves on the state's Call to Action prescription drug task force. That multidisciplinary group is developing New Hampshire's prescription drug monitoring program.

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All Things Considered
5:52 pm
Mon August 12, 2013

Building A Family, One Mountain Climb At A Time

The cover of "The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie."

In 2011, author Dan Szczesny and his wife unexpectedly became caretakers to two nine-year-olds. One of them, a girl named Janelle, joins Dan on a quest to hike the New Hampshire mountains known as the “52 with a view.” That quest is the basis for Dan’s book The Adventures of Buffalo and Tough Cookie.

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9:24 am
Sun August 11, 2013

Sunday Breakfast Buffet: Tastes and Temptations

Two year old foodie Owen Carlson tries the breakfast buffet at the Friends Diner in Allenstown.
Brady Carlson, NHPR

Has any human being ever taken part in a buffet and not eaten more than he/she intended? The very concept of "all you can eat" stacks the deck against the diner: if you're not interested in stuffing yourself like a twentysomething's hatchback before a cross-country move, you're probably going to order off of the regular menu. Otherwise, saying yes to a buffet means, as Homer Simpson once put it, "bye bye belt!"

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All Things Considered
5:51 pm
Fri August 9, 2013

New Hampshire Poets Set Sights On National 'Slam'

Slam Free Or Die t-shirt.
Credit photo: Brady Carlson, NHPR

Each week, at a club in Manchester called Milly's, some of the region's top poets take the stage for what's known as a slam. 

Next week some of the poets who take part in Slam Free Or Die head to Boston, as a team, to compete in the National Poetry Slam.

Mark Palos is Slam Free Or Die's SlamMaster, and a member/coach of the team heading to Boston. He gives All Things Considered host Brady Carlson a preview of the 2013 team.

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All Things Considered
5:13 pm
Thu August 8, 2013

Two Chains Close N.H. Stores In A Competitive Grocery Industry

The state is deploying its Rapid Response Team to assist over 1,100 workers set to lose their jobs as two supermarket chains close some of their stores.

Shaw’s is planning to shutter six of its 34 New Hampshire supermarkets, while Stop and Shop is closing all of its stores and gas stations in the state.

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5:17 pm
Mon August 5, 2013

'Countdown City': A Second Mystery Novel For Pre-Apocalypse Concord

This month on All Things Considered we’re looking at authors who write in or around New Hampshire.

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Word of Mouth
1:46 pm
Tue July 23, 2013

Royals Having Babies In The Age Of the Internet

From the moment the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to hospital yesterday in the early stages of labor, the whole world was watching.  Not literally of course – but if the Royal Family allowed cameras in the delivery room, you can probably bet we would have been. 

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5:17 pm
Thu July 18, 2013

Lacto-Fermentation: How To Make A Carrot Taste Like A Pickle

Glass crocks hold lacto-fermented vegetable blends in the Henniker workshop for Micro Mama's. Owner Stephanie Zydenbos-Heino says the transformation process can take weeks or even months.
Brady Carlson, NHPR

Lacto-fermentation has a branding problem. Every person I talked to about this story heard the term, and with visions of rotting milk in their heads, said “hmm… sounds disgusting.”

But if it takes you a little time to get past that initial discomfort, that’s ok with Stephanie Zydenbos-Heino, owner of what’s possibly the only lacto-fermentation business in the state, Micro Mama’s. Her recipes sometimes take six months to finish their work – so she’s used to waiting.

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All Things Considered
5:25 pm
Wed July 17, 2013

Market Basket Family Feud Could Oust Grocery Chain's CEO

Market Basket, Concord, NH
Credit Ella Nilsen / NHPR

Anyone who’s gone grocery shopping at Market Basket knows the slogan: where you always get more for your dollar. But who exactly might be offering those purported savings may be about to change.

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All Things Considered
5:15 pm
Fri July 5, 2013

A "Bermuda High" Brings A Hot Weekend To New Hampshire

It’s been an unusual weather week in New Hampshire. It started with heavy rains that brought flash flooding to some parts of the state. Those floods washed out roads and led to evacuations and power outages.

And then, a heat wave, with temperatures reaching well into the 90’s for many parts of the state.

Meteorologist Rob St. Pierre explains the recent weather to All Things Considered host Brady Carlson, and looks ahead at the weather to come.

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All Things Considered
4:43 pm
Thu July 4, 2013

New Hampshire Muralist Barry Faulkner Immortalized Declaration's Signers

Barry Faulkner's mural "The Declaration" sits above the special case at the National Archives in Washington which houses the original copy of the Declaration of Independence.

On this Fourth of July we take a look at a New Hampshire connection to the Declaration of Independence.

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