Dave Boardman

Dave's work is focused on telling stories about teaching and learning from Maine's classrooms. A Massachusetts native — but a Mainer for 30 years — he's worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, commercial fisherman, freelance video producer and teacher. Dave holds a doctorate in education from the University of Maine.

When he's not talking with students and teachers for MPBN, he's working with his own students in the Mass Media Communications program at Mid-Maine Technical Center in Waterville. And when the weekend rolls around, Dave is usually taking photos, working on an editing project, or catching his kids at a concert or game. He loves great New York pizza.

The growing popularity of the farm-to-table movement and a surge of interest in local food is fueling a renewed interest in agriculture. It’s not just an old-fashioned occupation anymore — students at one Maine college are finding their own ways into the field through one of the state’s only degree programs in farming.