Michael Rathke

Program Director

Michael Rathke joins New Hampshire Public Radio from Georgia Public Broadcasting, where he was Director of Radio for the GPB statewide network. Previously, Michael was Radio Program Director at WOSU Public Media in Columbus, Ohio, WFCR (now New England Public Radio) in Amherst, Massachusetts, the former WCAL in Northfield, Minnesota, and the Northwest Public Radio regional network based in Pullman, Washington. Additionally, Michael has worked in a variety of programming, hosting, and operations capacities in public radio since 1986, including as an Announcer/Producer and Music Director at New Hampshire Public Radio from 1995-1997. Michael, his wife Lisa, and pet dachshund Prudence live in Concord.

NHPR Staff

Beginning Monday, November 17, you may notice some changes to your favorite NHPR newsmagazines (particularly Morning Edition) as NPR implements some long-planned changes to its program clock.

The biggest change you’ll hear is more newscasts. Instead of two newscasts at the top and the bottom of each hour ("radio speak" for a minute past and thirty minutes past), you’ll now hear three NPR national newscasts (at :01, :19, and :42 minutes past the hour) and four NHPR local newscasts (at :04, :20, :30, and :43 minutes past the hour).

NHPR Staff

July brings a number of changes to the NHPR program schedule, as we add a few new programs to the weekend mix…and give you another chance to enjoy some of your weekend favorites throughout the week!

Wits—Saturdays at 8:00PM

If you're a fan of @waitwait, you should start listening to @wits. Immediately.
Peter Sagal, @petersagal

As you may recall, NPR announced in March that Talk of the Nation will cease production at the end of this month.

As the saying goes, when one door closes, another one opens. At NHPR, we have taken this opportunity to take a look at our entire weekday lineup, and challenged ourselves with some important questions. Which programs should we consider as possible additions to our schedule? Are we scheduling the right programs—at the right times—to provide our listeners with the best possible soundtrack to their weekdays?