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1. Heart Attack Felled ‘Lucky 10’ On Appalachian Trail

Robert Accola, the 54 year-old hiker found dead on the Appalachian Trail near Warren, couldn’t wait to get to New Hampshire, says a sister, Katharine Accola of Providence, R.I.

2. Northern Pass Says State Could Overrule Forest Society Land Claims

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Chris Jensen / NHPR

1. Hiker Found Dead On Appalachian Trail

A 54-year-old North Carolina man was found dead on the Appalachian Trail near Warren Monday morning. Lt. James Kneeland of New Hampshire Fish and Game says two hikers found the man’s body.

2. Heart Attack Felled ‘Lucky 10’ On Appalachian Trail

Cheryl Senter

We are pleased to announce the winner of our 2013 Summer Car Raffle: Catherine McDonah of Nashua, NH. Congratulations, Catherine and thank you for your support!

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Top stories & shows for July 22 - 29:

1. Gov. Hassan Signs Medical Marijuana Bill Into Law

Governor Hassan signed a bill Tuesday, making New Hampshire the 19th state to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana. She says the law breaks new ground by giving seriously ill patients what they need.

Sunday Outages

Jul 29, 2013

You may have noticed some of NHPR's signals were down for a brief time on Sunday, July 28th.  A surge suppressor malfunctioned and shorted out a main electrical panel at our Concord tower.  NHPR's engineering team responded immediately and was able to identify the problem and bypass the defective equipment to get our signal back on air. We apologize for any inconvenience!

Photos: Week Of July 26

Jul 26, 2013
Emily Corwin / NHPR
Emily Corwin / NHPR

1. Growing Pains: What One N.H. Farmer Is Doing To Make Local Food More Profitable

With almost 60 farmers markets across the state, demand for local food is growing.  But local farmers still struggle to make a profit growing local food. In fact, about three quarters of all farms in New Hampshire gross less than $10,000 from sales each year.

Photos: Week Of July 12

Jul 12, 2013
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1. How Sunscreen Can Burn You

That sunscreen you dutifully spray throughout the day could actually get you burned. We're not talking sunburn. We're talking people bursting into flames because they're wearing sunscreen.

2. N.H. Cyclist – Ted King – Out Of Tour De France

Photos: Week Of July 5

Jul 5, 2013
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The top stories of the week for June 24-30.

Photos: Week Of June 28

Jun 28, 2013
Michael Samuels

New Hampshire Public Radio has been honored with a first place award from PRNDI, Public Radio News Directors Inc. These annual national public radio awards honor excellence in areas such as writing, commentary, documentary, multi-media, and continuing coverage.

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The top stories of the week, for June 17-23.

1. Trapped By Tolls: Merrimack Hopes For Turnpike Freedom

Merrimack is a town trapped by toll booths. It’s a situation unlike any other in New Hampshire. The tolls are something Merrimack residents have – begrudgingly – come to accept as a part of life, but how did we get to this point?

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The most popular stories of the past week, from our newsroom, Word of Mouth, and The Exchange.

1. The Common Core State Standards: Not Yet In Place, Already Controversial

Photos: Week Of June 7

Jun 7, 2013
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NHPR is pleased to announce that it is accepting applications for the Barbara and Dick Couch Fellowship for Innovation.  The fellowship was created to develop the next generation of public radio talent and to bring new ideas and perspectives to NHPR.  This six month fellowship focusing on show production and digital media is based at NHPR’s broadcast center in Concord, New Hampshire.  Fellows will gain hands-on experience working on The Exchange, NHPR’s flagship public affairs program and exposure to a wide range of activities at the station.  Responsibilities will include: generating and r

University of New Hampshire

The top stories of the week for May 27 - June 2.

Courtesy PRX

This episode of State of the Re:Union visits our neighbors across the Connecticut. Best of Public Radio airs Sundays at 3 p.m.

Photos: Week Of May 31

May 31, 2013
NHPR / Michael Brindley
NHPR / Michael Brindley

1. Live Blog: House Votes 199-164 To Kill Casino Bill

Reporter Michael Brindley was live at the State House on Wednesday as the casino bill came up before the full House, and was ultimately voted down.

2. State Says No Evidence Of Air Pollution In Balsams Fire

Library of Congress

This is a country awash in monuments. They are the centerpieces of traffic circles, street corners and, of course, the National Mall. We have erected them to Rosie the Riveter and Confederate generals. Yet our ambivalence towards these monuments is as old as our enthusiasm for them. Case in point: The Washington Monument. Ever wonder why there isn’t actually a image of Washington on it?

Photos: Week Of May 24

May 24, 2013
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Gay In The Eyes Of God

May 19, 2013
Ludovic Bertron / creative commons

Open any Torah, Bible or Koran, and the passages about homosexuality seem clear: being gay is an abomination; a sin; something that incurs the wrath of God. But for some, these interpretations are changing. "Gay in the Eyes of God" explores the ways in which the major American religious traditions grapple with acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. We present personal stories as well as  interpretations of scripture and theology - both traditional and progressive.

Photos: Week Of May 17

May 17, 2013
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New Hampshire’s unemployment rate in April fell to 5.5%, down from 5.7% in March, according to new data from N.H. Employment Security.

During the month, the state’s economy added 3,400 jobs, with some of the biggest gains in construction and retail.

Local and state government shed an estimated 1,000 jobs during the period.

The national unemployment rate stands at 7.5%.