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On Monday, February 12, 2018, the Trump Administration sent a full budget proposal to Congress for Fiscal Year 2019. Just as in FY 2018, the proposal calls for the elimination of federal funding for public media. This is just the first step in a budget process that typically takes months to wind its way through Capitol Hill. Ultimately, Congress will make the final decisions on continued annual investment in the public broadcasting system.


A flood watch is in effect through Wednesday night for parts of central and Northern New Hampshire as a result of snowmelt and possible ice jams on rivers due to unseasonably high temperatures.


Southern New Hampshire is expected to get between 3- to 5- inches of snow Saturday night. The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory for the southern tier, including Manchester and the Seacoast region.

The snowfall is expected to develop after 8 p.m. in greater Manchester.

The forecast calls for 2- to 4- inches accumulation in Concord, Keene, and Nashua.

Points north of Concord will see 1-3 inches of snow, with the edge of the front sweeping through late Saturday evening.

Governor Chris Sununu will deliver his first State of the State address Thursday. Ahead of his speech, NHPR reporters have been asking Granite Staters to reflect on how things are going in their lives.

Tom Allen of Dover says the state of his state is…

“Great. Business is doing well, I think the financial marketplace is doing well for people, I think the tax cut is going to help a lot of people more than many people think. I think things are good. I think things are looking forward.”

Reporter: “And you’ve been feeling some of that personally?”

Inauguration Day 2017 ushered in a new presidential administration, unprecedented media coverage, and a fresh batch of questions about how our democracy functions.

In those basic questions, NHPR saw an opportunity to inform and engage audiences in a new way.

NHPR’s Civics 101 is a podcast and broadcast series that tackles the basics of how the U.S. government functions, from the role of the White House Chief of Staff to the inner workings of the National Security Council, to the Emoluments Clause. 

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Shortly after taking office, President Trump made multiple claims of massive voter fraud in New Hampshire, a state he lost in the 2016 election. While party leaders on both sides of the aisle initially defended New Hampshire's electoral system, the state's newly elected Republican governor and GOP lawmakers began eyeing legislation designed to "tighten" the state's voting laws.

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Governor Chris Sununu delivered his 2018 State of the State address Thursday in front a joint session of Granite State lawmakers at the New Hampshire State House.

Scroll down for photos, a transcription of the speech, news reports, and more, to be updated throughout the day.

Our coverage began on The Exchange, which featured mayors from around the state giving their perspectives on the state of New Hampshire's cities. (Listen to that program here.)

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Stories about the criminal justice system often include the voices of lawyers, advocates, law enforcement and state corrections officials. But they rarely include the perspectives of the group of people most affected by the system: prisoners and those accused of a crime.  In 2017, NHPR’s criminal justice reporter Emily Corwin produced a series of stories that sought to put those people at the center of her reporting. She wanted to explore the forces that shape who gets sent to jail, and who ends up staying there.

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As the nation dealt with escalating racial tensions in 2017, several incidents in New Hampshire shook communities and forced a state not accustomed to talking about race to hear uncomfortable stories from people of color about their experiences.

You can listen to the audio entry below or refer to the file included with the submission.

In the last year, NHPR tried hard to fulfill our mission to be a truly statewide news organization. We took listeners to distant corners of the state, and to often-overlooked corners of their own communities. Above all, we challenged ourselves to capture the voices of people whose stories aren’t usually heard on the radio.

The nation has been grappling with an opioid epidemic for several years now, but few places have been as hard-hit as New Hampshire. The state has one of the highest overdose rates in the country. Obituary pages in local newspapers regularly feature photos of young people who died suddenly. Teachers find themselves acting as grief counselors for students whose home lives have been shattered by drug use.

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A fast-moving low pressure system will bring today's snow storm to New Hampshire by late morning, with most of the state expected to receive between 8 and 12 inches of snow.

The National Weather Service forecast calls for snow to begin falling at about 11 a.m., and the front will clear out of the Granite State by 11 p.m.

There is a winter storm warning for most of New Hampshire. The Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory for the Seacoast towns, which will see less snowfall, according to projections.

The National Weather Service says there is no tsunami threat to Maine or the East Coast - or anywhere else in the U.S. or Canada - following some false reports to apps. 

The Weather Service made the announcement on social media Tuesday morning after seeing what it called erroneous reports of such a danger.

The Boston Globe reported that the false alarm was triggered because of a glitch during a routine test, resulting in some users of mobile apps receiving the false alert.


New Hampshire could get up to a foot of snow from Wednesday's storm, according to the National Weather Service forecast. 

A winter storm watch is in effect from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Wednesday.

The seacoast and southern Rockingham County is expected to get less snow, but the forecast still calls for 6- to 8- inches. The snow could switch to a mix of sleet and rain in the Seacoast region in the late afternoon.

Snowfall is expected to be heaviest in late afternoon and during the evening commute, with up to 2 inches falling an hour.

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New England utility markets are still processing Thursday’s rejection of the Northern Pass project application at the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee.

Eversource’s 192-mile transmission line proposal had just been picked by Massachusetts for a big contract to bring Canadian hydropower to New England.

Now that the project has stalled, Massachusetts says only that it's re-evaluating. Its other options include other big, hydro-fueled transmission lines.

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President Donald Trump delivers his first State Of The Union address Tuesday night, which NHPR will air live.

Members of New Hampshire's congressional delegation have announced their respective guests. 

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Gov. Chris Sununu says he supports a bill that would increase the state's minimum age for marriage to 16 years old.


In a letter to lawmakers Wednesday, Sununu described the marriage of a 13-year-old girl as "unconscionable." That's the minimum age for girls to marry in the state; for boys, it's 14, though both require parental consent and approval of a judge.


The Republican-led House rejected a bill last year that would have raised the minimum age to 18. Lawmakers are now considering a bill to raise the minimum age to 16 for both genders. 


Ice accumulating on tree limbs and utility wires from today's rain and sleet has caused a few thousand power outages in New Hampshire.

As of Tuesday at 6 p.m., there are almost 10,000 customers without electricity.

Local and state plow crews continue to treat and monitor roads for slick travel conditions.

Line crews are tackling some of the toughest trouble-spots as night fell. The estimated outages, by utility (click the links to see the respective outages by town/utility):

National Weather Service

The National Weather Service issued a winter weather advisory for New Hampshire, as well as a flood watch for late Monday and into Tuesday.

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The New Hampshire Senate on Thursday passed a bill designed to strengthen rules to prevent childhood lead poisoning.


The bill mandates lead testing for all New Hampshire kids aged 1 and 2, though parents can opt out. It also lowers the blood lead level where the state will intervene, and creates a loan fund to help landlords deal with lead paint issues. 


Starting this week, NHPR's newsroom kicks off The Balance, a series of stories looking at the cost of living in New Hampshire, and the benefits and tradeoffs of settling down in the Granite State. 

The first stories in the series will take us on board a fishing boat in Rye, into small businesses in downtown Littleton, and onto the work site of a massive new housing development in Londonderry.

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The winter storm that began overnight will result in 3- to 6- inches of snow accumulation for most of New Hampshire before leaving the region by early evening.

Gov. Chris Sununu says the state Emergency Operations Center opened at 6 a.m. to monitor the impact on this morning's commute. Major highways are posted 45 mph top speed.

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  There are several New Hampshire events today to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

People will gather at a service in Nashua, a candlelight vigil at Dartmouth College, and a couple of traditional events to recognize civil rights and human rights.

Gov. Chris Sununu is scheduled to attend the Seacoast NAACP Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast at the South Church in Portsmouth.

A flood watch is in effect for a large part of New Hampshire on Friday and Saturday, as the forecast calls for possible heavy rain at times, with precipitation turning to sleet and a wintry mix.

The National Weather Service has issued a slew of warnings and advisories for the Granite State. Some regions have multiple advisories. Concord, for example, has the following:

Mount Washington Observatory

The Mount Washington Observatory reported early Saturday that the summit tied for second-coldest place on earth, at a brisk -36 degrees Fahrenheit.

It was just 2 degrees from the coldest locations, Yakutsk, Russia, and Eureka, Nunavut, which recorded -38, according to the weather observer.

At 6,288 feet, Mount Washington is "home of the world's worst weather," as it is celebrated by the observatory, a non-profit organization.

Hampton Beach Village District

FRIDAY update: Bitter cold will grip New Hampshire today as the state digs out and cleans up from the major winter storm Thursday.

Bookmark this blog for continuing weather updates, and scroll down for NHPR's reports from around New Hampshire.  The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill warning for much of the state from Friday at 9 a.m. to Saturday at 11 a.m.

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Very cold temperatures will stick around in New Hampshire through New Year's Day. The National Weather Service forecast calls for single-digits and sunshine during the day over the weekend.

The extreme cold led to some dramatic winter scenes across the state, and at the seacoast, where the cold temperature over the Atlantic Ocean created "sea smoke," or frost smoke, as the photos above show.

Below-zero temps are expected for New Year's Eve. Here are a few anticipated temperatures Sunday evening:

First Night activities run the gamut in New Hampshire, from ski slope-side fireworks to major New Year's Eve celebrations, such as First Night Portsmouth.

Here's a list of some events and big ideas for your First Night, New Year's Eve, or New Year's Day:

People in New Hampshire and surrounding states spotted a suspected meteor streaking across the sky Tuesday night.

The American Meteor Society has received more than 200 reports of the suspected meteor, with sightings from western Connecticut to Bangor, Maine. People report seeing a streak of light blaze up the sky around 6pm Tuesday, some for as long as seven-seconds.

Images captured in Portsmouth shows a brilliant white tail of light-- a suspected interplanetary chunk of debris-- zipping over the Piscataqua.

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Temperatures will drop to single digits for the rest of this week, so break out the long underwear, the wool sweaters, and those down jackets.

"Or your flannel-lined jeans."

That's what one DOT worker told the press last year when asked for his secret on bearing the extreme cold while required to work outside.

(The National Weather Service has issued a winter chill advisory for northern New Hampshire.)