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Before joining NHPR, Paige was a freelance writer for Boston's NPR affiliate WBUR, a freelance political reporter for WATD, and a general assignment reporter at the Boston bureau of The Associated Press.

A graduate of the graduate journalism program at Northwestern University, Paige received her undergraduate degree in Philosophy at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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A bill seeking to clarify the state’s Rape Shield Law passed a key House committee 11 to 4 Tuesday. Under the current law, a victim’s sexual history is protected in sexual assault cases - something that's on the books, in some version , in every state.

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New Hampshire's annual 10-day fair in Rochester may have to shut down after 141 years of operation.

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A proposal to reduce the long waiting times for people needing inpatient mental health services  is being heard Tuesday by a key state senate committee.  

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A former New Hampshire state representative is suing her English teacher at Phillips Academy Andover for sexually assaulting her when she was 15.

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Everyone in New Hampshire knows the state is grappling with an opioid crisis. But some advocates are worried we are forgetting about a problem that’s been with us for much longer.

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Senate budget writers will be hearing from key state agencies this week on how their departments should be funded in New Hampshire’s next two-year budget.


New Hampshire is getting $3.1 million in federal money to help fight the ongoing opioid crisis.

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U.S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen held several public events in the state Thursday. She started the day in Durham and ended it at a town hall in Nashua where residents’ concerns focused on uncertainty in Washington.

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U.S. Congresswoman Annie Kuster has been in New Hampshire this week, spreading awareness around sexual violence. Her last stop is Friday in Pelham.

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U.S. Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter has been at home in New Hampshire this week. She was in Manchester Wednesday to talk about health care reform.


A Concord judge Wednesday denied a new trial for St. Paul graduate Owen Labrie. Labrie was convicted in 2015 of having sex with a minor on the prep school campus.

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The New England Patriot's Super Bowl Trophy paid a visit to the New Hampshire Statehouse this afternoon.

Dozens of fans lined up to take photos with the Lombardi Trophy along with the team mascot, "Pat Patriot."

Those in attendance included several families sporting Patriot's gear, as well as Governor Chris Sununu. 

The Patriots won the 51st Super Bowl 34 to 28 in overtime against the Atlanta Falcons.

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Gov. Chris Sununu is getting some heat over a surprising statement one of his nominees made this week. 

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Republican leadership in the New Hampshire House of Representatives is again at odds with conservative members of the caucus. This time the argument is not over the state budget - but House rules.

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Gordon MacDonald is officially New Hampshire’s new Attorney General. He was sworn in Thursday by Gov. Chris Sununu at the State House in Concord.

Several proposals to loosen New Hampshire’s regulations on the use of marijuana got hearings at the Statehouse Tuesday. 


A statewide drug enforcement program known as “Granite Hammer” is getting some pushback from lawmakers who argue it isn’t working.

The program, which began in Manchester in 2015,  is designed to get drug dealers off the streets.

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The New Hampshire Senate began its work on the state’s next two-year budget Monday.

Senate budget writers are using Governor Chris Sununu's proposal as a starting point, after the House failed to pass a budget plan of its own last week.

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After the New Hampshire House failed to pass a budget proposal of its own last week, the state Senate begins its budget-writing work Monday.

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The New Hampshire House will not have a budget proposal to work off when finalizing the next two year state spending plan this June.

It’s apparently the first time in decades the House finds itself in this position, after Republican leaders failed to rally a majority to support their preferred budget this week.

That leaves many wondering what the House’s role will be later  in the budget process. 

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House lawmakers will try for a second time this week to pass a state budget proposal, after Wednesday’s failure of the Republican leadership’s preferred spending plan.

With Thursday's deadline for the House to produce a budget -  the pressure is on.


Dates have been set for the special election to fill a recently vacated state Senate seat.

The Executive Council Wednesday voted to set the primary date for June 6th and the general election for July 25th for the District 16 special election.

The seat became available after Senator Scott McGilvray died last month. 

So far Republican David Boutin, who previously held the seat for four terms, and former State Representative Joe LaChance, a libertarian, have said they're running.

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A major vote on the state’s new spending plan has been postponed in the House until Thursday.

That’s after the Republican-backed budget failed Wednesday in the House with more than 60 Republicans voting against it.

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Governor Chris Sununu will nominate new commissioners for the state Department of Environment Services and Department of Labor at Wednesday’s Executive Council meeting.

The full New Hampshire House is set to vote on the Finance Committee’s state budget proposal Wednesday. The spending plan has some slightly different priorities than what Gov. Chris Sununu laid out in his version back in February.

A few of the biggest policy and funding changes between the two versions are laid out in the graphic below ranging from public education to local aid for cities and towns.

The House has until Thursday to pass the budget before the Senate then begins crafting its version of the state’s next two year plan.

A final budget is due June 30th. 

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Republican House Finance members laid out their budget proposal for lawmakers Monday morning, just days before the spending plan is up for a vote by the whole body.

But not all House members are pleased with how the proposal turned out.

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House budget writers will try to sell their new state budget proposal to fellow lawmakers Monday at the Statehouse.

The spending plan will be up for a vote in the full House on Wednesday.

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Governor Chris Sununu told the state’s Commission on Alcohol and Drugs Friday that workforce development and cutting regulation are key in addressing New Hampshire’s opioid crisis.

This is the first time Sununu has attended one of these meetings since taking office.

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U.S. Senator Maggie Hassan was in Nashua Friday highlighting her new proposal to lower the cost of prescription drugs.

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The Republican-controlled state Senate killed a bill Thursday that would create an independent redistricting commission for state elections.