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Peter Biello is the host of All Things Considered at New Hampshire Public Radio. He has served as a producer and host of Weekend Edition Saturday at Vermont Public Radio and as a reporter/host of Morning Edition at WHQR in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Peter has won several AP awards for his journalism, which has appeared on NPR’s All Things Considered and This American Life. He’s also a fiction writer whose work appears or is forthcoming in Gargoyle, Lowestoft Chronicle, Green Writers Press, and South85 Journal. He’s also the founder of Burlington Writers Workshop, a nonprofit writing workshop based in Burlington, Vermont, and co-founder of Mud Season Review, a literary journal featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry and visual art that publishes in print annually and online monthly.

Peter lives in Concord, New Hampshire. 

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Twin State Typewriter of White River Junction, Vermont, will close its doors on July 31st. Owner Wanda Nalette has worked at the store for 48 years, and along with her husband Don, bought the business and building in 2000. NHPR’s Peter Biello spoke with Wanda Nalette on the phone about the end of an era.

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[Phone Ringing]


Twin State Typewriter.


Hi, is this Wanda?


Yes it is.


Peter Biello/NHPR

The multi-talented musician Theo Martey has traveled the world with West African drumming groups. After settling in Manchester in 2001 he formed the Akwaaba Ensemble and they've been touring New England ever since.

While Martey plays traditional West African music, he also mixes contemporary recording effects and nontraditional instruments into his work. Martey spoke with NHPR's Peter Biello about his music.

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During last week's oppressive heat, you may have found it particularly hard to cool down at night. Over the past several decades, our nights are getting, on average, warmer. 

Granite Geek David Brooks of the Concord Monitor spoke about why with NHPR's Peter Biello.

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Americans across the country with relatives detained at the border are working to be reunited with their loved ones.

Peter Biello/NHPR

It has been a hot week in New Hampshire but the heat has not kept poet hope Jordan Hope from her daily walk on a hiking trail in Canterbury between I-93 and the Merrimack River. All Things Considered host Peter Biello spoke with the poet about her new collection The Day She Decided to Feed Crows.

Hope Jordan’s Top Five Reading Recommendations

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Many Granite Staters go fishing for that feeling of getting back to nature. Some of those hopeful for a catch succeed in part because those lakes and ponds may have been stocked with fish by the Fish and Game Department.

Granite Geek David Brooks of The Concord Monitor spoke with All Things Considered host Peter Biello about this decades-old practice of dropping trout from helicopters into remote ponds in New Hampshire.

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Collin Tessier

This summer, NHPR is introducing you to local bands making music all across New Hampshire. All Things Considered Host Peter Biello kicks off the series with a trio of musicians from Concord.

The poet Donald Hall died this weekend at his home in Wilmot, New Hampshire at the age of 89. He is being remembered as one of the greatest poets in American history.

Host of All Things Considered Peter Biello spoke with Mike Pride, a friend of Hall and Editor Emeritus of the Concord Monitor.

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Thank you very much for speaking with me.

Glad to be here.

And so sorry about the circumstances, about the loss of someone that you considered a friend.

Solar panels have been generating electricity in New Hampshire for decades. But how many from decades ago are still in use today? Granite Geek David Brooks has been searching for the oldest, continually-used solar panel, and he spoke to NHPR's Peter Biello about one possible contender. 

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David, you wrote in the Concord Monitor today about the panels used by Ralph Jimenez and Linda Graham since roughly 1979 we think?

Peter Biello/NHPR

This week on The Bookshelf from NHPR, a conversation with Daniel Palmer about his new book, The First Family.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Wednesday ending his administration’s immigration policy to separate children from their parents at the U.S. border.

Congresswoman Annie Kuster is planning to visit McAllen, Texas on Friday, where hundreds of children are being kept in a former warehouse. She spoke with All Things Considered Host Peter Biello about her trip and what’s next for immigration reform.

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The city of Manchester is getting a new police chief.

Chief Nick Willard has been appointed by President Donald Trump as the next U.S. marshal for New Hampshire.

And now Carlo Capano will take over as chief of police in Manchester on July 1st. He’s served as assistant chief of the department for the past three years. All Things Considered Host Peter Biello spoke with Capano about taking over this new position.

Peter Biello/NHPR

Acting Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, Peter O'Rourke, has signed off on all 29 recommendations made by the task force looking at the future of the Manchester VA Medical Center.

Hannah McCarthy / NHPR

As milk prices have dropped across the country, small commercial dairy farms in New Hampshire have had to close. The trend has now swept up one of the Granite State's best-known farmers: Steve Taylor, a former long-time commissioner of agriculture.

Peter Biello / NHPR

The Department of Veterans Affairs says its Somersworth clinic will be moving to a larger space.

The Somersworth VA clinic is about 4,000 square feet.

The new clinic would be about 8,000 square feet and offer more primary care, mental health, and telehealth services, says Manchester VA Medical Center director Al Montoya.

Michael C. Rygel via Wikimedia Commons

We say we're in the Granite State, but actually New Hampshire's rocky foundation is less than half granite. What are those other rocks? And how did they get there? For answers we turn to Granite Geek David Brooks. He's a reporter for the Concord Monitor and writer at He spoke with All Things Considered host Peter Biello.

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So what, if not granite, is underneath us here in this so called Granite State?

Peter Biello/NHPR

Governor Chris Sununu has signed into law a bill that allows doctors at the Manchester Veterans Affairs Medical Center to treat veterans at private hospitals.


A flood at the Manchester VA Medical Center last year destroyed clinic space. In response, Sununu signed an executive order suspending state licensing requirements so VA doctors could use space at private hospitals like Catholic Medical Center. 

Peter Biello / NHPR

This week on The Bookshelf from NHPR, a conversation with Matt W. Miller about his new book, The Wounded for the Water.

Photo courtesy of USDA Agricultural Research Service.

In the fight to prevent the spread of Lyme disease, you have a few options to keep that ticks away. You can wear long pants and tuck them into your boots. You can check yourself thoroughly after you come in from the outdoors. And you can do as Granite Geek David Brooks has done: hide so-called “tick tubes” in your yard like so many Easter eggs. All Things Considered host Peter Biello spoke with Brooks, a reporter for the Concord Monitor, about how tick tubes work.

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Peter Biello / NHPR

This week on The Bookshelf from NHPR, novelist Elisabeth Hyde discusses her new novel, Go Ask Fannie. 

In this novel, Murray Blair and his three adult children are gathering at his home in northern New Hampshire. His kids bicker almost non-stop, and the drama that the youngest, Lizzie, carries is enough to drive all of them to worry and judge.

Peter Biello/NHPR

Bill Kristol, the founder and editor-at-large of The Weekly Standard, visited the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at St. Anselm College today to speak at the traditional "Politics & Eggs" event. The conservative leader does have his sights set on 2020—he just wants someone else, someone formidable, to take on President Trump. 

Kristol joined All Things Considered host Peter Biello to further discuss this administration, the mid-term elections, and the next presidential election. 

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The Manchester VA Medical Center and the Nashua YMCA are partnering to expand yoga, tai chi, nutrition, reiki meditation and other whole health programs to veterans.

The partnership is funded by a $360,000 grant from the VA Office of Patient Centered Care and Cultural Transformation.

Dr. Romy Valdez is a VA Clinical Psychologist. He says it's part of an effort to change the way doctors think bout treating the whole veteran, "not just the parts of them that are diseased and in pain, but looking at how we can service the veteran so that they can feel self-empowered."

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Last week, the Disability Rights Center of New Hampshire released a report that accused staff at the Sununu Youth Services Center of using unlawful restraint against residents multiple times over the past few years.

A new documentary explores what it means to be a female veteran of the military through the lens of a pageant known as Miss Veteran America.

The participants are veterans, and they help raise awareness of homelessness among female veterans. The film is called "Served Like a Girl," and tomorrow at Red River Theatres in Concord, a screening of the film will be followed by a panel discussion of the issues women veterans face.

Patricia McLaughlin for NHPR

New York Times best-selling author and Peterborough resident Elizabeth Marshall Thomas is out with a new book. It's called, "The Hidden Life of Life," and it traces the history of life on this planet from its microscopic beginnings through mass extinctions and dinosaurs to the present day.

This is a special edition of The Bookshelf. It's an excerpt of the live-recorded event at the Toadstool Bookshop last month in Peterborough. NHPR's Peter Biello interviewed the author about her latest work. 

Peter Biello/NHPR

On a recent morning at Londonderry Senior High School, students filed into Corrine Murphy's mass media class. 

"Good morning, Ms. Murphy."

"What," she laughed, "Ms. Murphy?"

These seniors are showing off a little bit for the microphone. They usually call her something less formal, like Murph. She's friendly with her students in part because she regularly talks to them about something close to their hearts: Social media.

Peter Biello/NHPR

When the military and its contractors need to get rid of old or obsolete bullets and bombs, they sometimes burn them. This releases chemicals like lead and mercury into the environment, and people living nearby could be exposed to them and get sick.

Now, as part of the National Defense Authorization Act, New Hampshire Representative Carol Shea-Porter has added a provision ordering a study of the practice, which is known as open burning and open detonation of munitions.

Members of the House are taking a serious look at that provision today.  Congresswoman Shea-Porter joined All Things Considered host Peter Biello to discuss the measure. 

In a new report, the Disability Rights Center of New Hampshire says staff at the Sununu Youth Center used excessive force on a 14-year-old boy with emotional and behavioral disabilities in December of 2016. The DRC's investigation found probable cause to suspect the Sununu Center used, and continues to use, unlawful restraint.

All Things Considered host Peter Biello interviewed Andrew Milne, staff attorney for the DRC, to discuss the new report. (SCROLL to the bottom of this post to read the report as well as the response from DHHS.)

Peter Biello / NHPR

When he was a kid, Dan Walker lived in a house on Cottage Street, not far from downtown Littleton. Three doors up the hill from his house, in an old Victorian, was Bishop's Homemade Ice Cream. To young Dan, this seemed normal.

"I thought everyone had an ice cream shop a few houses away," he says, laughing.

Peter Biello / NHPR

Author Mario Puzo is best-known as the author of The Godfather, the novel that cemented the mafia's place in popular culture. Publication of The Godfather was a turning point in Puzo's career, and The Godfather and its film adaptations inspired and influenced stories about organized crime for years to come, from Goodfellas to The Sopranos.