Rebecca Lavoie

Digital Director

As Digital Director, Rebecca oversees NHPR's website, digital content and social media strategy, digital-only projects and mobile applications. She works with reporters, program staff, and NHPR's State of Democracy unit to create quality journalism on the web. 

In 2010 Rebecca made the transition to radio from her career as a freelance writer and public relations consultant. The co-author of four nonfiction true crime books, she has written countless articles for local and national print and online publications including the Concord Monitor, New Hampshire Magazine, Around Concord, Newsweek, Playboy Magazine, and 

Rebecca was formerly the Senior Producer for NHPR's magazine program Word Of Mouth, for which she produced interviews, sound pieces, and blogs, sat in as host, and developed and managed the shows digital presence and social media feeds.

Ways To Connect

A few months ago, we aired a segment with this super smart guy who basically said that sitting down all day is killing us...literally. I don't want to die. So I decided to try standing at work, using this incredibly snazzy standing workstation I borrowed from a company called Ergotron.

It's only day one...and to be fair, it took Taylor Quimby quite a while to put this thing together.

Word of Mouth intern Hanna Goldberg is smart, sassy, funny, and exceedingly stylish...and those are just a few of the reasons I'm totally jealous of her. So when she got the chance to interview one of her favorite musicians, John Darnielle from The Mountain Goats, I did what any nurturing and supportive mentor would do...made it as scary as possible.

Be afraid, especially if you're wearing a red shirt.

Starting next week, we'll be debuting occasional content from our brand new beat, The William Shatner Desk. Why, you may ask? Well, if you have to ask, just watch this, and it will all become clear:

How could we not embark on this worthy endeavor? Wouldn't you if you could?

So, there's that