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Imagine if you could be transported to a different place and time. Where would you go? For Daniel Gaucher and his film crew, that place is Smuttynose Island, off the New Hampshire coast. And the time? 1873, the year of the infamous Smuttynose Island murders. And they want you to be there, too, through the power of virtual reality. But filmmakers have a lot to learn when it comes to using this technology. 

It’s a frigid winter day. The sky is a brilliant blue. It’s gusty, and the ocean looks choppy and cold. And in the distance, a lighthouse shines bright white on the rocky coast.

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Through an effort following the University of New Hampshire’s Bee BioBlitz in 2015, researchers at UNH have recently documented over 140 species of bee in the White Mountain National Forest. Among the species researchers identified, two are listed as Species of Greatest Conservation Need in New Hampshire. There are four species on this "greatest need" list. 

UNH assistant professor and researcher Sandra Rehan is hopeful that those other two species can be found in New Hampshire. She says bee populations haven't been well-documented until now. 

Research from the University of New Hampshire's Carsey School of Public Policy shows that deaths caused by drugs, alcohol and suicide nationwide rose by 52 percent from 2000 to 2014.  Young and middle-aged white men show the highest rate of death by drugs, alcohol and suicide. The research also shows these rates surpass the next 10 leading causes of death for white men combined, including accidents, diabetes and heart disease, to name a few.   

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The New Hampshire National Guard's 197th Field Artillery Brigade returns to New Hampshire on Saturday after a year of deployment in the Middle East. Guard members were training U.S. allies in the Middle East in field artillery, and fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria as part of Operations Spartan Shield and Inherent Resolve, respectively.

The brigade of more than 90 soldiers arrived in Fort Bliss, Texas last week to begin the process of easing back into civilian life.

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If you’re in Concord and in the mood for some homemade Korean food, you might be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in the same place you get your late night snacks and drinks.  Go Food Basket is more than a corner store.  It’s also where you can get a jar of kimchi or a warm Korean meal on the go.

The woman behind this kimchi goes by the American name, "Helen." 

"My Korean name is Hye-Sook," she says, "but when I tell my costumers my name is Hye-Sook, they say 'Hye- what?'  So my husband made me an easy, American name: Helen."

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Enna Grazier's kitchen is a lot like a normal home kitchen, except she's got a few things most people don't have at home: a commercial food production license, and countertop-sized tools that turn cocoa beans into carefully crafted chocolate bars. 

There you'll find, among other gadgets, machines that look like they belong in a chemist's lab. 

"This is my winnower," she says. "It’s a kind of MacGyvered contraption of a shop vac, a piece off of a Champion juicer, some PVC parts... and a bucket."

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As a reporter, Bob Woodward has written the first draft of history on some of this country’s most important events. In 1973, his coverage of the Watergate Scandal with Carl Bernstein for The Washington Post was instrumental in uncovering corruption that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.  Woodward was also The Washington Post’s lead reporter for the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  

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At a Veterans Resource Fair in Concord Tuesday, groups dedicated to helping veterans gathered on the campus of NHTI.

Of course, it was also Election Day. So that meant a lot of political talk, even in a year when veterans issues never rose to the top of the candidates' agendas.

Here in the student center, students mill about before class. One tinkers with a piano in the corner.