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Taylor Quimby started his career in radio in 2010 as a part-time board operator for NHPR. As Producer of Word of Mouth, he cultivates ideas, writes and produces segments, shapes the sound of the program, and sifts through endless emails. Taylor also lends his voice to the show as an occasional substitute host and contributor, and is responsible for the blog Abbrev. Movie Reviews.


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We at Word of Mouth are always on the prowl for breakthrough technologies and other intriguing science news a frequent source of new ideas and research is a website called Science-Daily , where we found an article called Evil Eyebrows and Pointy Chin of a Cartoon Villain Make Our Threat Instinct Kick in. The article was based on the work of Dr. Elisabeth Blagrove, teaching fellow and researcher at Warwick University in England. Funny - her research makes no mention of cartoons... Is this...

Every four years, the world gears up to become rabid, two-week fans of sports wed never otherwise watch those featured in the Summer Olympics, like swimming, gymnastics, even equestrian eventing. For the elite athletes who compete at the Olympic level, however, the games are anything but a quadrennial concern. Theyre the reward for working the hardest, being the best, and increasingly, it seems, having the latest hi-tech gadgetry in your corner. With us to run down some of the more futuristic...

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Charles Wheelans unconventional advice for graduates got us talking about the twists and turns of our own post-graduate lives. The path life takes, as we know, zigs as often as it zagsso Virginia Prescott asked a few colleagues to record what they wish theyd been told on that expectant day.

Last weekend, the box-office bowed to the marvel blockbuster dream-team The Avengers, which pits a group of righteous superheroes against their greatest villain yet: their own neuroses. Lucky for them, Robin Rosenberg is here to help. Shes a superhero therapist whose work analyzing comic-book characters and Comicon super-fans was profiled in the Pacific Standard earlier this month.

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Recently, popular books like Max Brooks World War Z , and Colson Whiteheads Zone One took serious literary stabs at the realm of the living dead. Actual scientists are following suit and devoting their attention to the fictional study of zombies as well. For example, Bradley Voytek is a cognitive neuroscientist studying memory at the University of California, San Francisco... hes also one of the worlds leading experts on zombie brains, who uses science-fiction to help otherwise bored students...

You asked for it...

May 1, 2012
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Last week, we reviewed new experiments in spoken word with Marc Masters of music review site Pitchfork . He told us about the new spoken word album Sex Magic a poetic reading of lyrics from the Red Hot Chili Peppers 1991 release, Blood Suger Sex Magik Afterwards, we asked listeners to suggest songs for us to Blankenship, our new term for reading song lyrics as poetry. Heres the best one we came up with. Check out the original interview too under related content. Its called Poetry you can hear.

Today, we celebrate National Poetry Month with a mix of audio craft and spoken word. Poetry Out Loud was a band of poets which experimented with spoken word forms in the 1970s. Their work is now being digitally reissued. Marc Masters wrote about the release, and a new crop of contemporary spoken word experiments for The Out Door, a blog at Pitchfork , where Marc is Contributing Editor. I asked him how Poetry Out Loud changed the rules for spoken word.

In 2006, Wells Fargo became the first bank to offer one-on-one psychological consults to wealthy customers. Unlike the counseling offered for debt-ridden, financially insecure Americans, Wells Fargos therapists were there to address emotional issues associated with having a huge portfolio. The service is becoming an industry standard for banks and brokerage firms. I caught up with Erika Eichelberger, a freelance writer and editorial intern at Mother Jones, who wrote about this unique service...

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The average college graduate today will walk away tens of thousands in debt , fewer job opportunities and lower relative wages than previous generations. While some students increase their post-college chances by majoring in trending fields like science and engineering others follow less practical paths in the study of philosophy, religionand cartooning. Yup, cartooning .

21 Jump Street sits atop the box office this week. It is a reboot of the late 1980s television hit about cops going undercover in high schools. Turns out there are real-life police officers on the high school hallway beat, and, as Slate reporter Will Oremus uncovered, there are specific strategies these fresh-faced cops use to fit in and be accepted by the very teenagers they might be investigating. Word of Mouths Taylor Quimby speaks to Will on the dos and donts.

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Making it to the NBA or any pro sports league is an expensive, potentially dangerous undertaking with extremely tough odds. For homeschooled kids, the likelihood of a career in sports is especially tough. For years, many states barred kids from outside the public school system from playing on their athletic teams. Now, 25 states allow homeschooled students onto varsity teams, signaling a change in attitudes - along with more room for debate on whether and how to integrate them. For more, we...

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Superheroes are heavy on the summer blockbuster schedule. A reunion of Marvel Comics The Avengers hits theaters in May, followed by the final installment of Christopher Nolans Batman series. In July, we get a reboot of the Spiderman epic. The new film adaptations promise new gadgets and CGI effects to stir moviegoers fantasies of and aspirations of superpowers. We recently stumbled upon a number of real world inventions by serious scientists that could have just as well been designed by...

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Who are the brave men and women who volunteer for active duty in reenacted wars ? I spoke with Nick
Kowalczyk , Professor of Writing at Ithaca College and war correspondant...of sorts. He covered a re-enactment of the Siege of Niagara , a battle from the French and Indian War, for Salon.

In describing a novel, a literary scholar might describe how narrative unfolds. In the case of Kenan Rubensteins micro-comic series the Oubliette, the meaning is literal. Like elaborate high school love notes, Rubensteins comics are contained on single sheets of 8 X 11 paper, each crisply folded into 3 inch booklets. Its not a lot of space to tell a story but Rubenstein manages quite nicely. The series follows the romantic misadventures of a sensitive, scruffy-haired hipster who looks...

iLove Don'ts

Feb 14, 2012
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Hallmark holiday or not, Valentines Day carries joy, expectations, sadness, and more than its share of tired tropes for just about everyone. What, we wondered, signals love in the age of digital-era dating? Synching calendars on Outlook? Downloading a marriage counselor app on your smart-phone? To find out how far app developers will go to romance your smartphone this Valentines Day, I spoke with B renna Ehrlich , co-founder of the blog and book Stuff Hipsters Hate and Netiquette columnist...

A One-Man Mapquest

Jan 24, 2012

Maps are a calling for Dave Imus . Late last year, his teeny company -- Imus Geographics beat out National Geographic, and the US Census Bureau to win the annual best of show award from the Cartography and Geographic Information Society. Its pretty much American mapmakings equivalent of the Nobel Prize. We were intrigued by an article about Daves map of the United States in Slate Magazine. What is the role of modern cartography in an era of GPS on smartphones, and instant access to locations...

Taylor Quimby for NHPR

Results are still coming in, and candidates are still hitting the podium - but here at Romney HQ, all has gone quiet after an early victory speech from Mitt Romney. The event space cleared quickly after Romney made his way around the room. Only staffers and media remain - the latter quietly continuing to log election coverage as it airs across several flat screen televisions.

Photo by Steve Duprey, Republican National Committee

Mitt Romney speaks over repeated cheers from an ecstatic crowd of supporters. Americans know that our future is brighter and better than these troubled times. He also alludes to recent attacks he absorbed from his fellow candidates for his time at Bain Capital, saying, President Obama wants to put free enterprise on trial, and in the last few days weve seen a few Republicans join him. He made a chant of the message youve seen plastered from campaign signs and stickers, shouting We still believe!

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Everybody is calling the race for Mitt Romney - the question now is by how much? The mood upstairs reflects his likely victory; supporters are dancing enthusiastically and waving campaign signs. Theyre packed shoulder to shoulder in what is probably a very warm and sweaty room... Nice and cool down here in the media room.

Taylor Quimby for NHPR

A few dozen Romney supporters are chatting downstairs at Romney HQ after having been told by an apologetic staffer that the main event hall is filled to capacity. Earlier tonight, a campaign staffer told the press that a SNHU scheduling conflict with FIRST Robotics is the cause of tonights limited space.

Taylor Quimby for NHPR

Political Reporter Josh Rogers listens in to NHPRs special coverage in the press area at Mitt Romneys HQ.

Taylor Quimby for NHPR

Jim Bragg, who calls himself Mitt Romneys button-guy is downstairs selling Romney campaign buttons, stickers, and blue and pink warm winter hats. Bragg was selling buttons at the Romney camp in Iowa during the caucus, but says the New Hampshire supporters tonight are much more enthusiastic. This is a madhouse here, he says.

Taylor Quimby for NHPR

Supporters of front-runner Mitt Romney are gathering downstairs in the dining hall at Southern New Hampshire University. All the action will take place upstairs, but it wont be another 30 to 40 minutes before they start admitting the general public. A group of young staffers say theyre very optimistic about Mitts chances of placing first.

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Whether youre listening to a Glee Christmas, or youre stuck on Perry Como, whatever paints your peppermint, Christmas music is in the ear or maybe memory of the beholder. We spoke to a man whos Christmas spirit springs not from a specific era, genre, or artist but from an instrumentthe tuba or a euphoniumyour pick. A Naperville Illinois Tuba Christmas

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Part 1: Auto Paparazzi Car makers have a long standing tradition of keeping their forthcoming models under tight wraps, sometimes going to extreme lengths to disguise new cars even as theyre being road tested. But of course, wherever theres a secret to be uncovered, there are spies trying to get a look under the hood Photographers who will do just about anything to capture a clear picture of a car before its being manufactured. Here to uncover the details of the business behind Auto-Paparazzi...

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When I read about the New York City Beard Competition on the New York Timess City Room blog, I had to find out more about it...can you blame me? Turns out, Matt Flegenheimer was the guy to call. LINKS: Whisker Wars on IFC

Word of Mouth for 12.03.11

Dec 3, 2011
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PART 1 Clean coal, refers to technologies that reduce heavy metal, carbon and other emissions from the burning of coal. The development of technologies that could, potentially, filter greenhouse gases and store CO2 permanently is moving ahead. Carbon Sequestration is an important step in testing the potential of clean coal technology. We spoke with Maggie Koerth-Baker, Science Editor for Boing-Boing ; she visited a carbon sequestration demonstration in Alabama. plus A conversation with...

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Our very own Taylor Quimby runs down some of the weirder products inspired by the Twilight franchise. LINKS: Bellas Engagement Ring Twilight Manllows Twilight (and other really weird) Condoms

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Novelist Chuck Palahniuk of Fight Club fame reads his funny but disturbing short story, Romance , then discusses 12 step programs, Occupy Wall Street, and his latest novel Damned with WoM host Virginia Prescott. Enlightening conversation - but not for the faint of heart. This broadcast contains adult material (and censored curse words) that may not be suitable for kids and could be considered offensive to some listeners.