“Affordable” North Conway Outlets Get Shout-Out On SNL

Nov 23, 2011

In all likelihood, most of you aren’t visiting StateImpact for our primary coverage.  Yes, we completely agree that the Republican primary is a Very Big Deal.  But most people don’t go to business news sites to get nitty-gritty political coverage, either.  So we try to keep political stories strictly focused on New Hampshire’s business and economic environment.  They have to be specific to the situation here.  Every time a politician talks about business in New Hampshire, we don’t automatically post it.

But today is the day before Thanksgiving.

If you haven’t already taken the day off, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to check out from the daily grind for a couple of minutes.  In fact, we’ll aid and abet that one.

Last night, NHPR’s political reporter Josh Rogers filed a long piece about former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman betting double-or-nothing on New Hampshire for the Republican nomination. Rogers noted a couple of stops the candidate made at a pair of factories and talked about the need to bring more manufacturing jobs back to this country.

That was good.

But what’s great (especially for the day before a major holiday) is brain candy.

In his report, Rogers references an appearance Huntsman made on Saturday Night Live, lamp-shading his all-in approach to New Hampshire.

On the show, Huntsman makes a glowing reference to, “the affordable outlet malls of North Conway, New Hampshire.”

We’re calling that a retail story.

And we’ve got the video right here: