11.23.14: The Right To Vape & Birds That Stay North For The Winter

Nov 21, 2014

Credit Logan Shannon / NHPR

Not so long ago, most parents had a pretty simple stance on pot : just say no. But legalization has made the conversation a lot more complicated. On today’s show: how to talk to your kids about marijuana.

Plus, a look at the strange subculture behind the Oxford dictionary’s 2014 word of the year: vape. More on an e-cigarette industry that’s projected to reach 10 billion dollars in the next 3 years.

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How Parents Talk About Marijuana With Their Kids

  • KJ Dell’Antonia writes the Motherlode blog for the New York Times, and she’s written a lot about how changing laws and perceptions about marijuana are challenging parents.

Right to Vape

Below is a video of a "cloud chaser". Skip to 6:26 to see the massive cloud of vape.

The Broadcast Clock

  • Dedicated public radio listeners may have noticed this week that some long-planned changes to NPR’s program clocks went into effect, most noticeably to Morning Edition.  But for most, these changes were most likely imperceptible. And that’s sort of the idea with radio – we want you to be focused on the content, not the format. Our next story about why clocks matter, comes from 99% Invisible, and producers Roman Mars and Julie Barton.
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Birds That Winter in New England

Using Your Ears to Identify Birds

  • The sport of birding relies on more than just a keen sense of sight, for many on the hunt for a bird to add to their list, the sound of a bird can help identify a species even when it can’t be seen. From the Encyclopedia of Life, Ari Daniel Shapiro brings us the story of a professor whose ears are as valuable as his eyes.
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