12.10.14: Ethnic Plastic Surgery, Secret Santa, & A Prosthetic Arm For A Drummer

Dec 10, 2014

Credit James Mutter via flickr Creative Commons

In the last decade, cosmetic procedures performed on Asian-Americans, Hispanics and African-Americans have far outpaced those among the white population. The goal? Westernizing ethnic features.  Today we put ethnic plastic surgery on the examination table. Then, NHPR's Sean Hurley brings us the story of a secret Santa with a secret identity.

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Ethnic Plastic Surgery

Saint Mick

  • In late November, they begin to arrive. In malls, outside stores, at company parties across the country. A huge deluge of Santas. We don't often stop to wonder who the men are beneath the red stocking caps. And as Sean Hurley recently discovered, Santa sometimes has a secret he wants to keep.
  • You can find the full transcript of this piece and photos at this link: From Mankind to Saint Mick

Prosthetic Drum Arm

  • The perks of advancing prosthetics aren’t limited to sports. Gil Weinberg is founding director of the Georgia Tech Center for Music Technology. He joined us to talk about the robotic prosthesis he recently developed for drummer Jason Barnes, who lost an arm in an accident.