1.25.14: Rethinking Sex, The Man Who Gamed Spotify, Music And The Brain

Jan 24, 2014

Credit Taylor Quimby

This Word of Mouth Saturday broadcast is carnal, committed, and concerned with creative content. Cool, right? If you are as interested in sex, marriage, and music as we are, then tune in and read up. (Interests not necessarily in that order).

As part of our month-long series "Rethink 2014", we talk with psychologist Esther Perel about uniting conflicting desires of sex and stability in marriage.

What goes into making a viral proposal video? Alexander Ward reveals that it's more than you might think.

A look at the issue of paying for creative content with the story of an unknown songwriter who is raking in the Spotify royalty checks, one song at a time.

Music's effects are both psychological and physiological. We talked with Dr. Robert Zatorre,  Neuroscientist at the Montreal Neurological Institute at McGill University, about how music changes the brain.

Have a favorite sad song? Maybe it's on our Wicked Weepy Playlist. Don't forget the tissues.