12.9.15: History Through the Postage Stamp & From Mankind to Saint Mick

Dec 9, 2015

Since they were first introduced in 1847, postage stamps have become a staple of American life and taste. On today’s show,  a look at America’s most memorable stamps, and why some were beloved, while others were surprisingly contentious. Plus, what happens when a pro-wrestler abandons the ring for Santa’s sleigh?

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America in 36 Stamps

Postage Stamps tell a deeper story of American history, preferences, creativity and self-image. Chris West explores all of those layers of narrative in his book  A History of America in 36 Postage Stamps.

St. Mick

In late November, they begin to arrive. In malls, outside stores, at company parties across the country. A huge deluge of Santas. We don't often stop to wonder who the men are beneath the red stocking caps. And as Sean Hurley recently discovered, Santa sometimes has a secret he wants to keep.

Listen to this story again at this link: From Mankind to Saint Mick

The Allure of Adult Coloring Books

Adrienne Raphel wrote about adult coloring books and what’s being called the “Peter Pan” market for the New Yorker.