2.25.15: A Brief History Of The GDP, Profiles Of Mars One Candidates, & The Great White Savior Film

Feb 25, 2015

Credit epSos.de via flickr Creative Commons / flic.kr/p/dTUAhR

It’s presented as the be-all end- all metric by economists, politicians, and newscasters, but what exactly is GDP? 

On today’s show, the surprisingly fascinating process of measuring gross domestic product, and what this all important economic indicator overlooks.

Plus, the non-profit “Mars One” received over 200,000 applicants for its one way mission to Mars. A new short documentary follows three of the candidates as they vie for a trip they’ll never return from and a place in the history books.

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A Brief History of the GDP

When You 'Ship', I 'Ship', We 'Ship'

  • Jenna Wortham is a staff writer at the New York Times Magazine, and wrote an article about ‘shipping’—slang for fictional relationships imagined by fans--called “My Dear, Dear, Dear Watson.” 

The Trouble With Profiling

  • Is ‘looking Mexican’ a legal reason for the Border Patrol to stop a car? Federal law says agents have to have ‘reasonable suspicion’ that something illegal is happening. But what that means depends where you are, and whom you ask. Producer Jude Joffe-Block brings us the story.
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The Not So Great White Savior Films

Mars One Documentary: If I Die on Mars