2.8.16: U.S. Politics From a U.K. Perspective, A Michael Jackson Musical Conspiracy, & Ice Fishing

Feb 8, 2016

Most Americans know far more about the names of the royals than how British democracy works, but many Brits are closely following the presidential primary here in the U.S. On today’s show, The Guardian's man in NH gives us a British perspective on America’s election.

Then, between the paltry snow cover and spring-like temperatures, suffice it to say, this has been a very strange New Hampshire winter, and the unseasonable temperatures have put a dent in many winter activities. Among the hardest hit? Ice fishing. We'll get the fisherman's perspective on the winter that hasn't really started.

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The NH Primary from a British Perspective

Most of us know far more about the love lives of the Royals than how British democracy works. Yet many Brits are keeping a close eye on America’s Presidential primary. That's thanks to correspondents like Dan Roberts, he’s Washington D.C. bureau chief for The Guardian. He's been following the Bernie Sanders campaign as well as the election at large.

StoryCorps: Boyd Applegate and Rhonda Dixon

When it comes time for voters to cast their ballots, they are often checked into the polling station by volunteers, some of whom have been working at the same station for years. In San Diego, big-rig driver Boyd Applegate hauls freight for a living, but each election day he comes home to volunteer at the polls. He has worked nearly every election--primary and general--for the past twenty years. He spoke with his sister Rhonda Dixon for StoryCorps.

You can listen tot his story again at PRX.org.

The Fish Nerds on Ice Fishing

The unseasonable temperatures have put a dent in many winter activities, among the hardest hit: ice fishing. So, what's someone to do if they just want to hook, line, and sinker this winter? Here with some answers are Dave Kellam and Clay Groves, hosts of the Fish Nerds podcast.

The Michael Jackson/Sonic the Hedgehog Conspiracy

Todd Van Luling is a senior staff writer at The Huffington Post - he recently investigated what may be one of the most obscure online conspiracy theories.

"The Michael Jackson Video Game Conspiracy"

The Great Red Car Conspiracy

When it comes to cars, commuters, and congestion, the Los Angeles freeways are legendary. Some  say those traffic jams aren’t just a source of consternation, but a result of a conspiracy. This story comes to us from Roman Mars and the podcast 99% Invisible.

You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.