3.24.14: Democracy of Germs, Permafrost Virus, Darth Vader Courthouse & Josh Ritter

Mar 24, 2014

Credit Penn State, Kat Masback & Ricky Brigante via flickr Creative Commons and Josh Ritter

Today on Word of Mouth we're exploring the macro influences of the micro world. Then 99 Percent Invisible brings us a story about a menacing courthouse. (Perhaps a phantom menacing courthouse?) Finally, a conversation with Josh Ritter, whose album The Beast in its Tracks was recently released.

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Democracy of Germs

Permafrost Virus

99 Percent Invisible: "The Darth Vader Family Courthouse"

Josh Ritter

  • A singer-songwriter puts a surprisingly optimistic spin on his own divorce – Josh Ritter talks with us about his latest, and perhaps most personal album, The Beast in its Tracks.