5.12.14: Life Coaches and Psychics

May 12, 2014

Credit JayD Photography via flickr Creative Commons

"Welcome to Whose Line is it Anyway, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter." - Drew Carey

When life throws curveballs, I like to apply those wise words of Drew Carey to my life - the small stuff I'm stressing about probably doesn't matter in the long run. But sometimes it takes more than a "Everything is gonna be all right" to bring us out of a slump. That's when we turn to people - and powers - for help. On today's Word of Mouth, we're discussing the benefits and nuances of life coaching, life hacking, and astrology. Sharpen your resume and shape your aura - WoM is here to inspire.

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Fewer Therapists, More Life Coaches

Why Astrology is Cool

Sean Hurley's Aura

  • Reporter Sean Hurley isn't quite sure what he believes when it comes to mediums, witches, and astrology - to find out more, he visited two psychic fairs in New Hampshire, and a quiet gathering of mediums in Londonderry.


Flying Cars

  • Back in the mid-20th century, when people imagined the future, it’s likely they didn’t have life hacking in mind, but other, more visible technological developments. Producer Eric Molinsky brings us this story – and yes, I want my flying car… and a jet pack.