6 Trailer Parks In Super Posh Locales

Sep 19, 2013

Our story today on trailer parks got the Word of Mouth team dreaming about the perks of living in a home on wheels. Here's our list of some of the nicest mobile home parks in the best locations. Because even in the world of mobile real estate, it's all about location, location, location.

1. The Shady Dell

Our first entry is not for permanent mobile home living; an oxymoron if ever there was one. Instead, it's a mobile home themed motel to get your feet wet, where several styles of classic mobile homes are available to try out. The Shady Dell is located in Bisbee, Arizona, a former mining town, now known for its community of artists and beautiful Victorian style houses. It was highlighted by the AARP as being one of the most alive places to retire in the US. A great place to try out mobile home living in a beautiful location. 

1950 Spartanette - "This 30’ “park model” was built in 1950. It has rich birch wood interior, twin beds, a small bathroom and a couch in the living room. It has a vintage black and white television and a phonograph with a selection of 45 rpm records."
Credit theshadydell.com

2. Santa Barbara Auto-Camp

If you're still not sold, you might try the Santa Barbara Auto-Camp, which has a few beautifully refurbished mobile homes on site to rent as well as the option for long-term leasing.

Posh interior of the "San Clemente", available for rent starting at $179 per night.
Credit sbautocamp.com

3. Montauk Shores Condominium Hamptons Trailer Park
"Montauk's Best Kept Secret" is a trailer park! Approximately 900 feet of waterfront coastline in a premium location, makes this a great option for people who want to live in the Hamptons, but can't afford (or don't want to pay for) a traditional home.

I'd live here!
Credit montaukshoresresort.com

4. Sunset Harbor Mobile Home Community

The Sunset Harbor Mobile Home Community is located in the Florida Keys, with easy access to the ocean and a lovely community pool area.

The Hemingway model in Sunset Harbor in the Florida Keys.
Credit Sunset Harbor

5. Briny Breezes

Briny Breezes in Florida is a waterfront mobile home park/town that has its own television station! It's called the BBC, the Briny Breezes Channel. Briny Breezes continues to make headlines as real estate deals to develop on the coveted land have been made, only to fall through.

Photo of the Space Shuttle launching up the coast and over the Clubhouse on the beach at Briny Breezes.
Credit Christopher Dick via flickr Creative Commons

6. Paradise Cove

Malibu's trailer park to the stars is not for the faint of wallet. Expect to pay over a million dollars for one of these trailers, which doesn't include the rent you'll need to pay for the land. But it's still a bargain for Malibu beach front.

A view of one of the streets in Paradise Cove.
Credit Tim Street-Porter for Vanity Fair

Check out the view!

This listing is for a 1,600 sq ft home built in 1973 and at one point was listed for $1.69 million. Yowza!
Credit realtor.com