7.03.14: Megan Abbott, The Audio Orchard, And HitchBOT

Jul 3, 2014

Credit hitchBOT.me

Looking for a gripping summer read? How about The Crucible, with text messaging? Writer Megan Abbott discusses her new novel The Fever, which is based on a true story of mass hysteria among high school girls. And then, rebellious teens take note: hitchhiking is ill-advised…but what if you’re a machine? We’ll chat with the developers of Hitchbot, a robot that is set to hitch rides across Canada.  Plus, we visit the Audio Orchard to select to pluck the month’s best new songs.

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Megan Abbott's The Fever

Hysteria hasn’t changed that much over the centuries. Megan Abbott explores an instance of communal hysteria and its consequences in her new book The Fever.

On Demand: Netflix, Redbox, and Amazon Prime for July 2014

If the weather is keeping you inside, you’re actually in luck. Producer Taylor Quimby brings us ideas for Independence Day indoor entertainment. We also have his complete list of top picks for Netflix and other on-demand services in July here.

The Survivors

WNPR producer Catie Talarski met up with the Survivors at The Orchards at Southington -- a senior living community, where they are the ‘house band.’

The Threat of the Player Piano

Christopher Jon Sprigman, he’s a professor at New York University School of Law, and co-wrote the article “Scales of Justice” about the surprising history of the player piano.

The Audio Orchard for July

From a classic song to the contemporary…if you’re in need of new music for your summer playlist, producer Zach Nugent has a bushel full of suggestions in this month’s Audio Orchard playlist.


Dr. Frauke Zeller is an Assistant Professor at Ryerson University, where she researches human / computer and human/robot interaction. She co-created hitchBOT, a hitchhiking robot, with Dr. David Smith, an Assistant Professor at McMaster University.