AG Promises More Mortgage Relief

The Attorney General’s Office is ramping up operations to help troubled homeowners.

State leaders say residents should expect more assistance in the near future.

Earlier this month, the Attorney General’s Office announced New Hampshire will receive $43 million dollars as part of a national settlement agreement with the nation’s five largest banks.

Much of that money is aimed at rewriting mortgages and reducing principal for homeowners who have loans with Wells Fargo, Citibank, Bank of America, JPMChase or GMAC .

Attorney General Michael Delaney says for borrowers who don’t get any assistance in this deal, the state is pursuing other options.

DELANEY: “We anticipate participating in additional cases against other culpable institutions. Homeowners should expect further accountability and relief.”

Delaney says as part of the national settlement the state is also in line to receive an additional $11 million dollars.

Much of that is designated for enforcement, counseling and legal assistance.