Alleged Kidnapper Indicted On More Than 200 Charges

Dec 17, 2014


Credit NH Attorney General

Superior Courts in Coos and Carroll County have released hundreds of new charges against a North Country man accused of kidnapping a 14-year-old North Conway girl last year.

Nathaniel Kibby, 34, of Gorham faces 205 charges, alleging the brutal treatment of an unnamed female victim.

At a press conference Wednesday, Assistant Attorney General Jane Young went through the indictments, which include 160 counts of sexual assault.

“Eleven indictments charging him with falsifying physical evidence, eight indictments charging him with witness tampering, seven indictments charging him with criminal use of an electronic defense weapon, four indictments charging him with second-degree assault.”

The indictments for witness tampering include allegations that Kibby forced his victim to to write false information in a letter to her mother, and then assaulted her with a taser after she "carved information about his identity and/or [her] kidnapping" into the letter.

Some of the indictments are redacted, and officials asked media not to use the name or image of the girl involved in the high-profile kidnapping case.

Kibby will be arraigned on 200 of those charges Jan. 8 in Coos County.

An arraignment for the remaining five charges is scheduled the following day in Carroll County.

The indictments can be read here. They contain graphic content.

**Editorial Note: NHPR's standard policy is not to name victims of sexual assault.  And even though the case has generated a high level of publicity, NHPR will follow the Attorney General's and family's wishes to not name the victim going forward because they fear additional publicity and association with sexual abuse will slow her recovery.