Another ACA Repeal Passes the House

Jul 11, 2012

Wednesday, a House vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act has passed 244 to 185.

Both New Hampshire Congressmen voted to repeal the nation’s healthcare law.

Many have called this vote symbolic. Charlie Bass says this new vote was triggered by the Supreme Court decision to uphold the law. But, he says, he considers it a kickoff to congressional races for re-election.

“I think it’s appropriate for the Congress to have a vote on this issue to reaffirm its position in opposition to it. Obviously, the bill won’t be taken up in the Senate but it will make it very clear to the voters where the candidates stand.”

Bass says he supports keeping people up to 26 years old on their parent’s health plan and guaranteeing insurance for people with preexisting conditions but, he says, the law does nothing to address costs.

“There are other ways of doing this and having the same result but not having the government and the state take over the whole system which will, in my view, guarantee bureaucracy, higher cost and possibly not significantly better access.”

The House of Representatives has voted about thirty times to repeal all or part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Every such measure that passed thus far has died in the Democratically controlled Senate.

In a statement released by Congressman Frank Guinta, he says he believes that repealing this law will “prevent a massive tax hike” and, he says, keep Washington out of New Hampshire families’ medical decision making.

Both Congressmen are up for re-election in the fall.