Another Instance Of Drug Diversion At Exeter Hospital, Court Documents Show

Apr 29, 2014

Credit NHPR Staff

It’s been nearly two years since state health officials announced a major outbreak of hepatitis C at Exeter Hospital. The cause of that outbreak was what's known as drug diversion – a hospital worker stealing drugs and tainting syringes later used on patients.

Now, court documents show there’s been another case of drug diversion at the hospital, though it doesn’t appear this one will raise the same level of concern about public health. Court documents outline a plea deal involving Peter McGlynn, who the hospital says worked as an emergency medical technician, over allegations that he stole fentanyl he was administering to a patient. A lawyer for McGlynn, who is scheduled to enter a guilty plea in May, says this case is very different from the hepatitis C outbreak.

Aaron Sanborn has been reporting on the case for Seacoast Media Group. He joins All Things Considered host Brady Carlson with more.