The Anthropology of Asian Food

Oct 25, 2012

Credit Chrissy Olson via Flickr Creative Commons

Jeffrey Alford is an adventurous sort. He left his Wyoming home in the late 1970's with very little money and began traveling in Asia. He funded his travels by smuggling gold and hawking jewelry before meeting another restless spirit named Naomi Duguid on a Tibetan rooftop in 1985. The two vagabonds got married, had two sons, and turned their love of Asia and its foods into a career of travel, writing and photography. Six gorgeous books and two James Beard cookbook of the year awards later, Alford and Duguid are thought of as culinary anthropologists, collecting recipes and photographs from distant villages, rugged mountain settlements, and other rarely-visited Asian kitchens. Jeffrey Alford will deliver the College of Liberal Arts annual lecture at UNH Durham this evening.