Ashooh, Guinta Neck and Neck for CD1 Republican Ticket

Sep 14, 2016

The Congressional race for New Hampshire’s 1st District was a nail biter between Republican Rich Ashooh and incumbent Frank Guinta.

Guinta's headquarters Tuesday night was at Murphy's Taproom in Manchester. Meanwhile just down the road Ashooh held his at the Italian restaurant Fratello's.

Once the polls closed at 8 p.m. Tuesday, the results flip flopped all night – Guinta in the lead one minute, Ashooh the next.

But when 10:45 rolled around Ashooh came out to address his supporters, but at the time he didn’t have many answers for them.

“You have given, I’d say me but really us, the gift of your support and your friendship, and I wish I could give you the gift of clarity but I can’t," Ashooh said as the crowd laughed.

Jack Dowd, former Mayor of Derry, and his wife said they expected this race to be a tight one.
Credit Paige Sutherland/NHPR

That clarity is something many in the crowd didn’t expect to come early, including former Mayor of Derry, Jack Dowd.

“I expected a long night – it’s very hard to run against an incumbent. When you are running up against an incumbent, they get a lot of outside money," Dowd said.

But as the night wrapped up, many of Ashooh’s supporters remained  optimistic – stressing Guinta’s campaign finance violations and the closeness of the results.