ATVs On N. Country Highways Just In Time For Jericho ATV Festival

Jul 26, 2013

Businesses in the North Country are hoping new ATV access on North Country highways will bring tourist dollars to Berlin.

Earlier this week Governor Hassan announced Rt. 2 and Rt. 16 in the Gorham area are open for access by ATVs. That was just in time for Berlin’s annual ATV Festival at Jericho Mountain State Park.

For the first time this year, the festival will include a block party on Berlin’s Main St. Pam Sullivan, who works for the festival, says now people can ride their ATVs between the park and Main St. Berlin:

The neat thing is now that the streets are open to riding your ATV people can ride all the way over from Gorham to Downtown Berlin right up to the Park.

Sullivan says the festival has brought so many visitors to the area, that there are no available rooms in Gorham, Milan or Berlin.