Berlin Prison Funding Likely This Week, Shaheen Predicts

Nov 16, 2011

The new federal prison in Berlin – which has been sitting empty – could finally be funded this week, providing a huge economic boost to the North Country.  NHPR’s Chris Jensen reports.


Funding for the federal prison in Berlin is likely to be approved this week, according to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen.

“We’re very excited because there has been an agreement reached between the House and Senate on the bill that includes funding for the Berlin prison.”

Shaheen sees it as a done deal.

“If all goes as expected that bill is going to get voted on by both houses of Congress this week and, we believe, signed by the President this weekend.”

The prison was finished about a year ago. But last year’s Congressional squabbles over the budget meant it was never funded.

If Shaheen’s right the prison can begin filling about 330 jobs as well as buying local goods and services.

That’s something the North Country has been looking forward to for several years.

For NHPR News, this is Chris Jensen