Bill Aimed to Improve PFC Standards in Drinking Water Stalls at State House

Jun 15, 2017

Credit Ian Sane / flickr, creative commons

A bill that advocates say would have improved water quality standards in the state will not become law this session.

The bill would have directed the Department of Environmental Services to conduct a review of the safe drinking water standards for perfluorochemicals.

These industrial chemicals have been found in communities across the state – including near the Saint-Gobain plant in Merrimack and the former Pease Airforce Base in Portsmouth.

While the bill had bipartisan support in the senate, House Republicans like Chris Christensen had concerns about the potential for towns to be saddled with expensive upgrades to their water systems if DES tightened its standards.

“I think the big thing is, we just have a higher level of confidence in what DES is doing. And pushing them to do what they’re already doing just wasn’t necessary.”

DES currently uses a standard for PFCs set by the federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Republican State Senator Dan Innis, a sponsor of the bill, says he plans to try again with similar legislation next year.