Bill Nye Stumps for Obama in NH

Jul 16, 2012

As the campaign season gears up, celebrities and politicians making political stump speeches in the state will become increasingly commonplace. The latest of these was the host of the kids television series Bill Nye the Science Guy. He visited New Hampshire Monday, discussing his support for President Obama and calling for more investment in education.

Bill Nye educated a generation of kids in the nineties about science with his hundred episode TV series.

Now, the lanky, bow-tie-wearing “Science Guy” is stumping for President Obama. He and New Jersey Congressman Rob Andrews campaigned at three sites in New Hampshire.

Nye is a lifelong Democrat. He says he believes the President supports public education more than Republicans. He did not mention Governor Mitt Romney by name.

“Cutting education jobs is in no one’s best interest. And I understand where people feel they want to cut government. They want to reduce the size of government. But education is not the place to start.”

President Obama points to his current signature K-12 program, “Race to the Top” as a success at raising academic standards.

Romney has proposed a voucher style system in which parents can choose between public, charter or private schools without spending any new federal money.