Brown Defends Obamacare Stance At Nashua Town Hall

Aug 12, 2014

Credit Sam Evans-Brown / NHPR

Republican Candidate for US Senate Scott Brown campaigned in Nashua Monday night. Both he and the critics the event attracted used the opportunity to talk about the Affordable Care Act.

Brown opened what his campaign billed as a town hall meeting by laying out his case against so-called Obamacare. Many of the questions that followed came from local democrats who stressed positive aspects of the federal health-care law. Brown meanwhile said he’d like to see the law replaced with a network of state controlled solutions.

"I believe that states can develop these plans better, more efficiently, because when I look at the VA I see Obamacare in a couple of years," he told the crowd.

In a sign that he is already setting his sights beyond the September 9th,  Republican primary, he repeatedly called himself “bipartisan,” stressing that he often voted with democrats. Brown’s Republican rivals, former New Hampshire State Senator Jim Rubens and former US Senator Bob Smith  frequently use that fact to knock his conservative credentials.