Businesses Stay Open Despite Storm

Oct 29, 2012

Businesses in Manchester faced the question of whether or not to close up shop as Sandy continued to pummel the Granite State.

Sandy's high winds transformed Elm street into a wind tunnel. Signs along the street twisted and shuddered, and traffic-light poles groaned under the powerful gusts of wind.

Most businesses along the strip had closed for the evening, but a few lit-up 'Open' signs could still be found.

Nir Shpindler, the owner of Cesario's Pizza, had a cavalier attitude towards the storm.

If I can deliver in a blizzard then I can deliver in a hurricane.

Just a few units down, at the Gyro Spot, manager Alex Lambroulis said he didn't think the storm was as severe as it was made out to be.

Just judging by the customers coming in and what they've been telling me, it hasn't been as crazy as we thought it was going to be.

Both Shpindler and Lambroulis say that as long as they have power, they'll stay open.