CAB Pre-Meeting Listening/Survey For 04.27

Apr 19, 2013

Hello Community Advisory Board Members,

I am really looking forward to our discussion on April 27, and hearing feedback about NHPR's Word of Mouth. In preparation for our discussion I would love to have you listen to a few short pieces of sound and then share your impressions in a very brief survey (link below).

Thank you so much, and I look forward to meeting you all.

Rebecca Lavoie

Senior Producer, Word of Mouth

Question 1

Please listen to both versions of this interview and make note of any differences you hear. Do you prefer one over the other? Why?

Question 2

Listen to these five one-minute program billboards and make note about the content they highlight. (Note, a "billboard" is the radio term for the one-minute "coming up today" piece you hear at the start of a show's hour, before a news break.)

That's all for the, please take just a few minutes to fill out this very short survey by clicking on this link:

Community Advisory Board Word of Mouth Survey